A Treasure Trails Love Story

When it comes to creating unique adventures and crafting "tongue in cheek" Trail backstories, we like to think we're the bee's knees!

So when Simon asked for our help with an idea that he had, we jumped at the chance!

Here's Simon's Treasure Trails love story!

"I always knew I wanted to propose in a slightly unconventional way - following convention is just too easy!

We did our first Treasure Trail last year and it really brought out the adventurers in us both.

I contacted Treasure Trails and they were unbelievably helpful and customised an existing Trail for the special day.

We were trecking around Bodmin Moor all day in the pouring rain trying to solve the murder mystery, only to find that there were 2 culprits - Will Hugh and Mary Mee!

Thankfully the rain didn't put us off and it was such a special surprise for Jayne who didn't suspect a thing until the very end!

We've now told our proposal story to so many friends and have been spreading the Treasure Trails love!"

A Treasure Trails Love Story – She said YES!

Jayne & Simon on their special Trail
Happy smiles all round!

Did You Know?

We're proud to say that we've been involved in 3 unique wedding proposals. Knowing that we've played a small part in someone's special day puts a massive smile on our faces!

I do believe we're fast becoming the "Cilla Black" of the treasure hunting world! Now that's a title not many people can say they hold.