Environmental Policy

We fully embrace the concept of environmental sustainability.

In all our activities we seek to:
• Maximise the efficiency with which we use material resources.
• Reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency with which we use energy.
• Reduce, reuse and recycle materials and dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
• Improve the environmental awareness of our customers by encouraging recycling of Trails.
• Seek to educate our customers about the environment around them in a fun, interactive and interesting way.

In practice we do the following:
bull; Surplus Trails which are unsold or outdated are recycled. A message is also included at the end of the Trail asking customers to recycle the Trail if they do not wish to keep it.
• The Head Office recycles all its waste paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, batteries, ink & toner cartridges, etc, and utilises low energy light bulbs.
• The vast majority of our Trails are walks in towns and villages which can be reached by public transport. Many of our Trails deliberately start at the train or bus stations to encourage travel by rail or bus. We also encourage the use of Park and Ride facilities where possible.
• The Trails are an all year round activity, and as such bring visitors, both local and holiday makers into each of the Trail locations. Our Trailers spend money on accommodation, refreshments and other incidentals whilst in the area, which undoubtedly benefits other local businesses. Our Trails also help to benefit all areas as we don’t just concentrate on well-known tourist spots.

Treasure Trails