Happy Birthday from Treasure Trails

Looking to make a birthday one to remember? Then we need to talk as we've got some great ideas!

Our pre-written Trails are suitable for children and adults from the ages of 6 upwards. Ideal for groups of around 4-5 people they will get everyone following the route and solving the clues.

A Treasure Trail is a great way to get the family out together exploring, or a great excuse for friends to get outdoors and have some fun.

Fancy getting creative?

Then why not mark a special birthday with a Personalised Trail. All of our Trails can be personalised and this is your chance to add your own Trail title and cover photo.

Mum's 60th? Alan's 21st? We can even create a special Trail for any birthday event. If it's a biggie and you're getting the whole gang together to celebrate, we've got Trail writing experts all over the UK who can create fab and memorable treasure hunt activities for any number of people. Just let us know what you're celebrating and where, and your local Treasure Trails Writing Partner will be in touch.

Personalised Treasure Trails make awesome Birthday gifts.

Children's Parties

We get asked a lot about the suitability of Treasure Trails for children's parties. Whilst our standard Trails are aimed at children aged 6 and up, for this age they are designed to be done as a family group or a mixed group of adults and children, as everyone will need to help out with following the directions and solving the clues.

So, if you've got 20 eager 6yr olds to entertain on your own, then our standard Trails are not for you. But as a special birthday family outing - go for it!

Older children (we'd suggest aged 9 or 10+ but you know your child and their friends best) who are able to work together as a small team will still need to be accompanied and supervised, especially when near or crossing roads. Therefore, you'll need to supply enough responsible adults to accompany the kids and help out, plus of course be ready with a prize or prizes at the end! Feel free to contact us for further advice.

For larger parties or for a more tailored activity with extra birthday games and challenges, get in touch. Or perhaps you're looking for something around your home or venue - whatever you've got in mind; we'll get your local Trail Writing Partner on the case.

Happy Birthday from Treasure Trails
Treasure Trails are unique birthday party ideas.
Enjoy a treasure hunt birthday party!