Stuff for Schools 

Here at Treasure Trails, when it comes to kids, we're sure of two things:

1: Kids love a challenge.
2: Kids love getting out of the classroom.

This is why kids love exploring on our self-guided Treasure Trails! What's more, they don't realise that they're learning and ticking so many curriculum boxes as they are having too much fun solving the clues.

With clues based on plaques and buildings, local history and geography come alive, plus they'll be using reading comprehension, mathematics and problem solving skills alongside team work and communication skills as they work in small groups on the Trail.

One Treasure Trail booklet is ideal for each small group of 3-5 pupils working together, with the right adult supervision of course, as they follow the Trail and solve the clues. Ideal for KS2, 3 & 4, and with over 1,000 Trails across the UK, there's bound to be one in your local area.

School Trips - Get Exploring!

For larger groups, school trips and class outings, or if you're looking for something with extra challenges and puzzles or to match a specific topic or theme, get in touch and we'll pass you over to your local Treasure Trails Writing Partner.

Who? - Our Treasure Trails Writing Partners are the people behind the Trails who have set the routes and created those sneaky clues! They can put together any number of Trail activities for your class or school, whether in your local area, an area you're visiting or within your school itself, and can generally provide something for most budgets. Get in touch to find out more

School Projects - Get Creative!

Why not turn your class into budding young Trail Writers!

A Trail writing project is a rewarding and memorable way to get children involved in creating their very own Treasure Trail! Whether it's an indoor Trail or an adventure around your local area, contact us to get started and find out more, or take a look at a few of the things we’ve done before here

Whatever you're looking for, we make sure that all children have a cracking time and come away with valuable team building, research and problem-solving skills all within a fun environment, so that should make for happy teachers!

Team building for Teens

Are your Year 10s or Year 11s up for a challenge? We promise they'll love solving a murder mystery or completing a spy mission on one of our team building exercises.

Plus they'll be having so much fun that they won't realise that they're developing so many essential life skills. Leadership, working together, problem solving, understanding others, communication skills, time management - these are just some of the skills that will go under the radar as teams solve the clues and complete the tasks.

Ideal for post exams week, a special project week or that last week of term, challenges can take place in your local area or be designed to run within your school grounds - get in touch to discuss the best options for your school.

Previous School Projects

Maryport - Cumbria

Back in May 2015, our Trail Writing Partners in Cumbria met up with 14 secret agents, 2 each from 7 different primary schools within the Maryport Joint Schools Partnership, to embark on a Trail Writing Mission.

Over three 2-hour sessions, the intrepid explorers had a Trail writing introduction and training session, a route setting expedition where they walked the route, wrote the directions and identified great clues, and a final clue-writing session where they put their training to good use and then tested each other's clues for quality control!

Other classes back at their schools were allocated a range of tasks, from front cover design, creating a back story, researching fact files and contacting local businesses for sponsorship.

The result? A fantastic spy mission themed Treasure Trail which was sold through the schools, at various summer fetes and fun days, and via local attractions to raise money for the PTAs.

The Maryport Schools project

Great Missenden - Buckinghamshire

Local pupils at The Great Missenden CoE Primary School in Buckinghamshire worked with our local Trail Writer to create a Treasure Trail within their village. Head Teacher Roz Thomson said how delighted she was with the project, which also involved the marketing and selling of the Trail locally to raise funds for the school.

The Maryport Schools project

Falmouth - Cornwall

Treasure Trails worked with a group of 20 Year 6 children from 4 different primary schools in Falmouth to help develop their team building skills, knowledge of their local area and to assist their transition into secondary school. The children had a 6 week workshop program where they were taught how to write a Treasure Trail by researching their local history as well as by visiting and exploring their area.

Once the Trail was complete, copies were sold by the students as an enterprise project.

The Falmouth Schools project