The Treasure Trails World Records

Following Treasure Trails entering the Guinness World Records book, we decided to create our own Treasure Trails records for our interpid Trailers!

Check out all the amazing records below!

Treasure Trails World Record Holders


Earliest Ice Cream

Enjoyed by Allen Tsui while following the Bognor Regis Trail at 9:59am on Saturday 20th August 2022, beating his previous record of 10:15am in Chester on Thursday 2nd June 2022.

Allen Tsui ice cream

Longest time to complete a Trail

Began in May 2020 but couldn't access the gardens due to covid restrictions. Didn't return till April 2022 to try to finish the missing clues and the gardens were closed for a private event. Returned again and managed to complete it while dodging the rain. 2 years and 2 days from start to finish! From Sarah O'Connor - Wollaton Hall and Deer Park Trail

 TT Record - Longest time to complete a Trail

Longest time to find a clue

85 minutes: Clue 1 Cheltenham Trail shared between Amy Cook, James Cook, Sarah Corbett and Bill Corbett
From Steve North

Snowiest Trail

3 generations fighting 6ft drifts in Troutbeck
From Roger Inglis


The Trail completed in the wettest weather!

Diane Jeary

Diane and her friends got a little bit wet whilst on the Winchester Treasure Trail!

The Treasure Trail completed in the wettest weather

The oldest Treasure Trailer

Ruth Trevelyan's Grandma
95 years young


The most correct Trail answers submitted in one year

Huw Williams
50 correct answer submissions in 2012


The most dogs on a Treasure Trail

9 - along with Terry Wilkinson
whilst on the Kendal Historic Pub Trail


Best fancy dress whilst on a Treasure Trail

Lorraine Stone with some pirates
on the Charlestown Treasure Trail in Cornwall.

Best fancy dress whilst on a Trail

Cheekiest behaviour whilst on a Treasure Trail

Kirsty stealing grandma's glasses whilst trying to solve a clue on the Edinburgh Old Town Treasure Trail.

Cheekiest behaviour whilst on a Treasure Trail

Best seat found whilst on a Treasure Trail

Katie Clamp
Whilst out solving the Newcastle Emlyn Spy Trail.

Best seat found whilst on a Trail

The best celebrity seen doing a Treasure Trail

Gary Lineker
on the Armagh Murder Mystery Trail in Northern Ireland.

The scariest thing found on a Treasure Trail

on the Shoreditch and Columbia Road Treasure Trail in London.

The scariest thing found on a Treasure Trail

The youngest treasure trailer

Baby Lonnie - Aged just 9 weeks old, this was Lonnie's second trail! She cried at just the right moment to help us find clue 23- what a clever girl!

The most Trails completed by a Trailer

David Chapple
266 (including 8 in one day!! Now try to beat that one!)
Susan Perkins
233 Trails and counting


Most excited face captured whilst solving a clue on a Treasure Trail

on the Symonds Yat Treasure Trail

Most excited face whilst solving a clue

Most Trailers seen in a phone box whilst on a Treasure Trail

Shirley's boys
on the Cookham Treasure Trail.

Most Trailers in a phone box

Most lycra worn whilst out on a cycling Treasure Trail

Adam Weaver
75% of his body covered whilst on the Shoreham to Worthing cycling Trail in Sussex (to save his embarrassment we have decided not to publish the photo!)


Most Trailers sitting on a step with a statue

4 (plus the statue!) - Sue Brodie and gang
whilst on the Birmingham Victoria Square Treasure Trail.

Most Trailers sat on steps

Dirtiest car participating on a driving Treasure Trail

2005 Skoda Fabia (was silver, but ended up brown)
whilst on the Yorkshire Dales - the coldstones cut Trail.


Furthest distance a Trailer has travelled to solve a Treasure Trail

Calvin Jenkinson
Travelled from Noosa in Queensland Australia to solve the Lyme Regis - Pearl of Dorset Treasure Trail (10,332.9 miles).


Best staged picture whilst on a Treasure Trail

These three young Trailers
out and about on the Harrogate Treasure Trail.

Best staged photo whilst on a Trail

Most spy trails completed by a Trailer

47 - Jason Pope
Most recent one completed was the Cardiff Bay Spy Trail


Most generations completing a Treasure Trail

4 (plus an Uncle!) - the Dodd family
Mavis Great Grandma), Elizabeth and Robert (Grandparents) Chris (Uncle) Ian and Tracey (Mum and Dad) and Brennan (son) on the Selby Spy Trail in York and Humber
This record is also shared with Steve North and his family of 4 generation who completed the Leominster Trail together.

Think you are a record holder?

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