Access Statement

Treasure Trails tries to ensure that our Trails are accessible to all, regardless of age, physical limitations or disabilities.


Treasure Trails creates themed walking, cycling, driving and bus Trails throughout the UK, based on a Murder Mystery, Treasure Hunt or Spy Mission format.  The Trails involve following a self-guided route around a location, which will lead the Trailer to a series of clues set on permanent features, such as buildings, plaques and monuments.

The Trails can be completed all year round and are suitable for all ages and almost all abilities**.  The Trails are designed to be completed at leisure. 


  • The Trailer can access details about each individual Trail via the website
  • The Trails can be pre-purchased and downloaded prior to the Trailer's visit.
  • The customer can view on the website the various retail outlets where Treasure Trails can be purchased locally.

Arrival & car parking facilities

  • The start location is given within each Trail.
  • Suggested parking is given where possible.
  • Customers are encouraged to use public transport where possible.
  • Customers are encouraged to use Park and Ride Facilities where provided.
  • Car parking charges are payable when parking in public car parks.

The Trails

  • Each Trail gives information on the approximate distance and suggested duration.
  • Each Trail gives suitability for wheelchair and pushchair users**.
  • Trailers are not required to enter any private property or pay entrance fees in order to complete the Trail.
  • The Trails are set on well-maintained paths, pavements and roads.
  • There is information 'About The Trail' contained on the website and within the Trail booklets.
  • The cycle Trails are set on level, well-maintained designated cycle paths, which are suitable for families with novice cyclists.
  • Ferry fares are payable on some Trails.

Public toilets

  • There are usually public toilet facilities at some point along the route of each Trail.


  • There are usually facilities to obtain refreshments along the route of each Trail.

Additional information

  • ** The Trails may be unsuitable for the visually impaired as solving a Treasure Trail involves looking for information which may be obtained from plaques, memorials, inscriptions, information boards and other permanent features within the existing landscape.
  • Large print versions of the Trails can be purchased by contacting Treasure Trails
  • ** The Trails are written specifically with a view to ensuring they are wheelchair and pushchair friendly, however this may not always be possible, due to the physical landscape. Alternative routes are given for wheelchair and pushchairs where possible. We encourage our Trailers to give us feedback on the suitability of our Trails for pushchair and wheelchair users.

Hours of operation:

  • The Trails are designed to be completed at any time of the day (in daylight hours) and all year round.


We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve. If you have any comments, please contact us.