Trail Training Part III

Your Let’s Get Physical Trail Workouts!

Well done for making it this far Super Trailers! If you’ve completed our Brain Training and Well-being Challenges, then you’re ready to crack on with the next step of your Trail Training! Don’t worry if you’ve not completed Trail Training part I and II yet – you can check them out here and tackle them alongside this next challenge!

Your Part III – Let’s Get Physical Trail Training consists of three short workout videos to get you in tip-top condition for seeking out those Clues and completing your next Trail! Master the moves, and you’ll be spotting Clues, covering ground and dodging hazards like a pro! 

Dart and dash about as a daring detective!

All inquisitive investigators know it’s vital to be in fast on your if you want to catch that crook! Before you start conducting your inquiries, take on this detective mystery workout to make sure you’re fully prepared for all the tasks you’ll encounter while tracking down the evidence. 

Sneak around like the slippery spy you are!

You’ve got to be swift, subtle and unseen when you’re on a top-secret mission and you’re being pursued by enemy agents! Limber up ready for next covert assignment with this spy mission workout – there’s no way those horrid henchmen and overhead drones will discover you when you’re this prepared! 

Trek through that uncharted territory, intrepid Explorers!

When you’re tracking down the treasure on a perilous quest, just one wrong step could set off a sneaky booby trap! As an ace adventurer, you need to know you can tackle anything you encounter on your expedition. Stretch out and get set with this treasure hunt workout to dodge, duck and dive like a treasure-seeking maestro. 

The benefits of staying active

There’s a whole heap of good things that happen to your mind and body when you stay active, especially when you add in a dash of excitement and adventure too. But, if you aren’t able to get out on a Treasure Trail, go for a long walk or pick up a new exercise routine at the moment, don’t worry – there are lots of ways you’re already getting exercise without even trying! Take a peek at the benefits you’re getting from even the simplest day-to-day tasks. 

Now that you’ve added the spark of imagination into your exercise routine, going back to treadmills or weights probably seems a little bit boring. We’ve got you covered with these alternative ways to exercise! Keep the fun energy of a Trail adventure going at home with these tips on how to include exercise into your day. 

Put your training to the test

Great work, Super Trailers! You’ve mastered all three stages of Trail Training and discovered the awesome benefits of keeping your mind and body refreshed! Now that your training is complete, it’s time to put it to the test! Will you be an ace adventurer, daring detective or slippery spy? Discover your local Treasure Trail, gather your household and get out there for a day of excitement, exploring and tonnes of fun! 

Don’t forget to keep us updated on your progress too! Share your photos or videos of your training with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use #StayActive so we can see how well you’ve tackled these challenges. 

And remember, you can always come back and revisit the three stages of Trail Training if you feel your skills need refining (or you want to test out a different theme!).  

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