Exercise you're already doing (without even trying!)

Oh, exercise. We know we should do more of it, but there always seems to be an excuse; “there’s not enough time”, ”I don’t have the right gear, “life gets in the way”… and so on.  

Getting more exercise and improving fitness is so fixed in our minds that 47% of Britons surveyed in 2019 claimed it had featured as a past New Year’s resolution. Yet only 24% of participants admitted to sticking to all of their 2019 goals. 

But exercise isn’t all about going to the gym and joining classes – 2020 was proof of that – and you don’t need to take hours out of your busy schedule either. In fact, the simplest daily tasks may have you exercising more than you realise! 

Exercise You're Already Doing Infographic

The benefits of aerobic activities

Aerobic activity – also known as cardio – is a great way to get your heart rate up and boosts numerous benefits for your mind and body. You’re getting your heart pumping and blood flowing, which can do wonders for strengthening your heart. Aerobic exercise can also aid blood pressure management, boost your immune system and help you sleep better. Check out this full list of benefits and advice, then go wash that car!  

Want to do more?

For a fun, family-friendly aerobic activity, have a household dance party in your living room! Pump your favourite tunes and go crazy for lots of laughs and a good dose of cardio. Dancing is great for a full-body workout without you even realising that you’ve been exercising because you’ve had so much fun! 

Friday Night At Home Disco Time

The benefits of strength activities

You don’t need to have the goal of becoming a bodybuilder to benefit from strength-based activities. In fact, strength training can be a vital part of an exercise routine, with benefits to your heart, bone health and muscle mass. It’s also a brilliant way to raise your levels of endorphins, which, in turn, works wonders in boosting your mood. 

Want to do more?

Strength training doesn’t have to just be about weights, resistance bands and push-ups – try adding the heavy items to your trolley first the next time you go to the supermarket or squat down to pick things up from the bottom shelf.  

Build strength on your weekly shop

The benefits of flexibility activities

How good does that first stretch in the morning feel?! No wonder yoga is so popular! But there’s more to a good stretch than that calm, feel-good post-yoga feeling. Flexibility exercises that help stretch muscles can be a brilliant way to prevent injuries and ease back pain. Plus, well-stretched muscles can improve both your athletic and day-to-day capabilities, whether it be refining your strokes during a swim or making it easier to bend over and pick something off the floor at home.  

Want to do more?

If yoga and pilates aren’t your cups of tea, then try adding some simple stretching activities into your day. While you’re chilling on the sofa, stretch out your limbs one by one. Instead of walking to the kitchen, use lunges instead. For an extra sneaky dash of exercise, store your tasty treats on the top shelf, so you really need to stretch to reach them!

Reach out to stretch

The benefits of balance activities

Since balance training doesn’t get your heart rate up, it doesn’t quite have the same benefits as other activities. However, you certainly don’t want to overlook it as it can help prevent falls, build a better posture and improve your coordination skills. Not to mention that balance training can actually make you better at other types of exercises! It can fine-tune your running technique, increase your muscle power and make it much easier to hold some of those stretches. Plus, it’s super easy to add a dash of balance training into your daily routine! 

Want to do more?

Take a leaf out of Treasure Trails HQ manager Aaron’s book and use your waiting times for a short, sharp balance drill. Try holding yoga poses while the kettle boils, or stand on one leg while brushing your teeth. Posing while pouring hot water is not recommended!

Tea-Brewing Yoga | Stay Active with Treasure Trails

Our pledge to Stay Active

You don’t have to sacrifice your bank balance or quality family time! Exploring with a Treasure Trail is a great way to add a big boost of exercise into your day. The best part? You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t even realise how fit you’re getting! 

With most Trails averaging at two miles, you can easily rack up 4000-5000 steps. But with all the weaving, scrambling and darting around to catch the criminal, detouring to explore uncharted territory, slipping away to restock supplies and gathering material to send messages to Spy HQ, those numbers can quickly climb. 

But, at TTHQ, we wanted to do more than just promote heart-healthy activities through our Trail adventures. That’s why in August 2020, we joined forces with the British Heart Foundation to help fight heart disease by donating £5000 in each month of August, September and October.

“£15,000 could help the BHF to buy the equipment that allows our researchers to observe what is going on inside the heart or blood vessels cells. Or even help to fund one of our cardiac nurses on our heart helpline for around 3 months, providing vital support to help manage their condition or treatment.” 

What we’ve learned through this partnership is how vital it is to exercise and get outside as part of a heart-healthy lifestyle. It’s great to know that doing a Treasure Trail can contribute to making people healthier and happier by staying active, so if you need a bit of extra motivation to get out there, get choosing your next adventure!

A family - mother, father and young daughter - walk along a path in the countryside on a Treasure Trail