Alternative ways to exercise at home

So, you’re back at home once again. You know you should keep active and productive, but you’ve already scrubbed the house from top to bottom three times, and the list of ways to get daily exercise at home with minimal effort is looking shorter and shorter. Frankly, the sofa, a cuppa and back-to-back boxsets look pretty tempting…

Relaxing with family at home | Stay Active with Treasure Trails

Don’t give in! Staying active at home doesn’t have to be hard work, and it’s not all about cleaning and gardening. Over the last year, numerous apps and videos for home workouts surfaced. They’re a great way to start (or stick to) an exercise routine from the comfort of your home when heading to the gym stops being an option.

But what if you want something more exciting? More creative? Activities that include the whole family?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

Got a little one? Got weights!

Jen, Personal Trainer at Be Fit Cornwall, found a unique way to get tots involved in her exercise routines!

“Everything changes when a small person comes into your life. It can be difficult to prioritise yourself and your health and fitness. I definitely found this at first, juggling children, work, housework, your time is the first thing to be forgotten.”

Jen became an online health and fitness coach to help make fitness more accessible for mums, creating routines that can be done during naptime or can involve the little ones. Her classes are much the same, with mum’s encouraged to bring their kids along and get them to join in!

Jen from Be Fit Cornwall | Stay Active with Treasure Trails

Want to find out more? You can reach Jen on Instagram or on Facebook!

Take a look around at what’s going on in your local area too – you may be surprised to find what’s out there, whether classes to do at home with your kids or classes to eye up for the future.

A task for a mini coach

Let’s face it – if your kids are bigger than a toddler, you’re probably going to struggle to get them to join in as Jen has done (unless you have superhuman strength).

To keep your energetic kids involved, task them with creating a short exercise routine for you. They could show you what to do in person, or you could set them up with a video camera to create a workout for you to do while they’re in another room.

Not only will this task keep your kids active and entertained, but it’ll also give you a giggle when you attempt to copy their imaginative ideas. Plus, it adds a PE session into their homeschooling efforts.

For a little twist, try getting them to design their routine around a theme, whether it be their favourite sport, film character or adventure book – Joe Wicks’ Spiderman Workout might give them a few ideas!

Challenge someone you love to some silly exercise at home

Challenges are way more fun when you can share the outcome with friends and family. While you’re at home, challenge someone to complete tasks that will keep them active and get them to do the same back!

You can have great fun coming up with silly tasks for each other to complete. Plus, updating each other on your progress is a great way to stay connected with loved-ones outside of your household.

Stuck for ideas? Go as sensible or as silly as you want, rope other people into giving you suggestions and search around social media for inspiration. You could even pinch some activities from our 14-Day Well-Being and Mindfulness Challenge.

Some of our favourites include:

  • Commandeering the kid’s trampoline for three bum bounces.
  • Hopscotch. Properly. With the stone and everything.
  • Wheelbarrow race with the kids in the garden.
  • Dancing around the kitchen while drying the dishes.
Dancing in the kitchen | Stay Active with Treasure Trails

Use your waiting times

We can spend a lot of our day standing around just waiting – waiting for the TV ads to finish, waiting in line at the shop, waiting for the kettle to boil or the microwave to ping…

Use these moments as opportunities to add small bursts of exercise into your routine, whether jogging on the spot, crouching, stretching or holding yoga poses. Okay, you may look a little silly in the supermarket, but while at home or work just give it a go! 

This is a favourite at Treasure Trails HQ, with manager Aaron often seeing how long he can stay balanced in yoga poses while his cuppa brew. 

Five minutes may not seem like a long time to make an impact, but every minute counts – particularly if you’re doing high-intensity activities, so not all your exercise at home has to become a full-blown workout.

Tea-Brewing Yoga | Stay Active with Treasure Trails

Flashback to your commuting days

With so many of us working from home over the last 12-months, we may have forgotten what it was even like to have a commute that went further than our bedrooms to our living rooms.

But just think of how much extra time you have now without that travelling time in the morning and evenings. So, instead of using that extra time to get a little more sleep, get yourself out of bed at your old wake up time and see just how much you can get done with that extra time. Get in a dose of exercise and catch the sunrise, or make the most of the (slightly) lighter evenings and get out for a refreshing lap around the block at the end of the day. Or, explore more ways to exercise at home and get the kids involved too – they’re missing out on the school run after all!

You’d be surprised how much you can pack into that short space of time, even if it’s just cooking up a hearty breakfast, prepping for dinner or playing with the kids before you all get stuck into your day’s tasks.

Family Sunrise | Stay Active with Treasure Trails

Discover adventure on your doorstep

Ready to step outside for your daily exercise, but still hungry for adventure and exploration? A Treasure Trail is a great way to slot in some alternative exercise that the whole family can enjoy. Whether rain or shine, getting out on a Trail adventure can spark the imagination, help you to discover the hidden gems around your local area and have you all heading home with massive smiles on your faces. So, gather your household, grab your local Treasure Trail and add adventure to your to-do list.

Stay Active with Treasure Trails

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