Trail Training Part II

Your 14-day well-being and mindfulness challenge

As budding detectives, intrepid explorers and top-secret agents, we know we must be on top of our game to do our best work in the field. But we could all do with a bit of oomph to help us operate at full capacity! 

The good news? We’re here to help you get in tip-top shape, mentally and physically, for your next adventure! You’ve already oiled your cogs with our brain-training challenge (Missed it? Don’t worry, you can still start here and do it alongside). 

Next up is our 14-day well-being and mindfulness challenge! Choose 14 things to do over the next two weeks, and try and do one a day to boost yourself daily and prepare for seeking and solving clues!

How will it prepare you?

Exercise and mindfulness activities are a brilliant way to get your neurotransmitters going, releasing morale-increasing endorphins, mood-boosting serotonin and a dash of dopamine for alertness.

That feel-good feeling you get after completing a well-being challenge? That’s your neurotransmitters hard at work! Not only do endorphins improve your mood, but they also decrease your sensitivity to stress and pain, while serotonin is brilliant for promoting learning and memory.


So, doing something enjoyable, relaxing or new can help you feel refreshed, re-energised and motivated. It can even help change your perspective or mindset – great practice for looking at a tricky clue from a different angle.

What’s more, taking time out to simply ‘be’ in the present and focus on being aware of yourself and your surroundings not only gives you a break from thoughts of things gone by or future worries but is also great preparation for immersing yourselves in the here and now of your next case, mission or expedition.  

What to do…

Everyone’s different when it comes to what they think will challenge them and boost positivity. So, there are 20 different challenges to choose from – pick out 14 that you want to do, can do and feel will most benefit you.

Record your achievements by crossing them off the challenge sheet below, or make your own 14-day well-being and mindfulness journal so you can see how well you’ve done and how much progress you’ve made! 

14-day well-being and mindfulness challenge

All done?

You’re sure to be in the right frame of mind to crack the case, complete the mission or track down that treasure! Choose your next adventure and try out Trail Training Part III – Let’s Get Physical

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