Trail Training Challenges

Hone your skills and Treasure Trail like a pro!

Training, you say? Ok, so you don’t need to be super smart or super fit to go on a Treasure Trail, but a little bit of puzzle-solving prowess, along with agility and flexibility, can help!

With that in mind, we’ve put together a series of Trail Training Challenges for all you budding explorers, aspiring detectives and wannabe secret agents to undertake. Complete them all, and you’ll be in tip-top shape for your next Trail adventure!

Tackle them one after the other, or attempt them all at the same time!

Are you ready? Let’s go 👉

Trail Training I

14-day brain-training challenge

Trail Training Part I - Brain Training

Complete our 14 quick brain teasers, tasks and challenges, one per day. Get ready to get those brain cells ticking over nicely!

Trail Training II

14-day well-being and mindfulness challenge

Trail Training Part II - Well-being Challenge

Choose 14 from 20 tasks, challenges or activities to help you relax, focus on the here and now, and feel better in body and mind.

Trail Training III

Let’s Get Physical training workouts

Trail Training Part III - Let's get Physical

Get ready for your next Trail adventure by limbering up on some themed workouts! You’ll be ready to chase down the crook, hide from overhead drones or dodge booby traps in no time!

Completed all three challenges?

Awesome work! You’re now ready to Trail like a pro! All that’s left to do is choose your Trail and get cracking!