Hidden Treasure » Trail Blazers

  • All Clued Up - 9 Clue Styles

    Our Treasure Trail Writers are trained to write a mix of clues in the Treasure Trails that they create. Once the route is worked out to ensure that it takes in all the best bits of a town or village, then the next step is to craft the clues.
  • Seven Searching Questions

    When choosing which Treasure Trail to do when you are looking for a couple of hours entertainment with friends and family how do you decide on which one?
  • 50 shades of Treasure Trails

    Don’t worry we are not going to go all sleazy on you, but rather to write about the power of word of mouth and specifically the power as it relates to Treasure Trails.
  • A Day in the Life of a Treasure Trails Partner

    Treasure Trails has a group of authorised Trail writers that between them cover virtually all of the UK ensuring that current Trails are up to date and new Trails are written in places that are crying out for them!
  • Keeping on Top of Trails

    It is really important to us is to ensure that our Treasure Trails are up to date and clues are intact. With over 1,200 Trails in the catalogue that is a tall order.
  • A Treasure-Hunting Pedigree?

    Do you, like me, have a long-lived affection for treasure hunts? There must be treasure-hunting in my DNA; or code-breaking perhaps.
  • Sprinkle Some Fairy Dust! How To Write Great Clues

    People love Treasure Trails because they are so much more than just a walk. They are a walk with an adventure which takes the ‘Trailer’ to places they wouldn’t normally go to and makes them find clues that will help solve an ultimate mystery.