Hidden Treasure » 2012 May

  • Sprinkle Some Fairy Dust! How To Write Great Clues

    People love Treasure Trails because they are so much more than just a walk. They are a walk with an adventure which takes the ‘Trailer’ to places they wouldn’t normally go to and makes them find clues that will help solve an ultimate mystery.
  • Secret Picnic Hotspot, Sunny Nunney

    Welcome to Sunny Nunney The English Countryside is full of beautiful villages which provide the inspiration for many a poet, artist, photographer,...
  • The Great British Walking Challenge

    This month Living Streets have launched the Great British Walking Challenge, which aims to get people out and about across the UK, to see how many times we, collectively as a nation, can walk from John O’Groats to Land’s End.
  • Our Favourite Childhood Games

    We recently asked our followers on Facebook to share their favourite outdoor game played as a child. The results varied from classic hopscotch, to ‘dib dib 1-2-3’ (an alternative to hide and seek!).