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  • Favourite Treasure Trails Photos of 2019

    Presenting our favourite Treasure Trails photos of 2019! 2019 was a bumper year for explorers! We'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who shared their Treasure Trails photos with us.
  • A Treasure Trails Wedding!

    Sue and Roger are avid trailers living in Haworth. They both have a love of Cornwall and a love of Treasure Trails, having completed over 100 Trails together, predominantly in Yorkshire and Cornwall.
  • Favourite Treasure Trails Photos of 2018

    We'd just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who shared their Treasure Trails photos with us in 2018!
  • Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2017

    It's been a bumper year for Treasure Trails which means a bumper year for photos too!
  • Unusual Obsession

    We all have hobbies but have you ever thought that your interest in solving Treasure Trails is just a little bit different?
  • Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2016

    Every year we receive heaps of photos via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram of you, our lovely Trailers, out and about exploring, solving clues and having fun! This year, there were so many great photographs that we decided to create the TT Photo Awards 2016!
  • Follow the Adventures of a Family in London

    Follow the Adventures of a Family in London - We were delighted to follow the adventures of Paul Shaw and his family on Twitter when they did the City of London Pudding Lane Treasure Trail.
  • Pots of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

    In today’s blog we have some suggestions on how Trailers might find treasure at the end of their walk with a difference.
  • Treasure Trails Competitions

    We love competition at Treasure Trails and are always thinking up different ways to offer our customers a way to compete.
  • Customer Story - Over 150 Treasure Trails Done and Dusted

    If you want to know a thing or two about solving murder mysteries, completing spy missions and searching for lost treasure, Susan Perkins is your woman!
  • All Clued Up - 9 Clue Styles

    Our Treasure Trail Writers are trained to write a mix of clues in the Treasure Trails that they create. Once the route is worked out to ensure that it takes in all the best bits of a town or village, then the next step is to craft the clues.
  • Seven Searching Questions

    When choosing which Treasure Trail to do when you are looking for a couple of hours entertainment with friends and family how do you decide on which one?