Keeping on Top of Trails

It is really important to us is to ensure that our Treasure Trails are up to date and clues are intact. With over 1,200 Trails in the catalogue that is a tall order.  However, we are extraordinary lucky in that you, our loyal customers continue to help us with your feedback.

You may not be aware of it, but you help in several different ways.

Keeping on Top of Trails - Text us if you are stuck on a clue

As you walk around the Trails you have the opportunity to use the Stuck on A Clue Text Line. This is a bespoke service so if you can’t solve a clue you can text us and we will text back the answer!  The service is automated and an immediate report is generated for each of our Trails so that we can easily see which clues on which Trails are being texted about.  More often than not the clue isn’t broken but is a sneaky one and just wasn’t found, so we watch the text line very carefully.

When you’ve solved the mystery or cracked the code you can submit your answer. Lots of you don’t submit your answers and when we’ve asked you why not, you say you’ve enjoyed the experience and feel no need to see if you got the right answer or not.  However, if you do decide to submit your answer you will be entered into the prize draw and could win £1,000. You can see whether you were right or not and you can download a certificate. You can also give us your feedback and let us know if a clue has gone missing.As part of the feedback you give when you submit an answer you are asked to rate the Trail experience and whether you are likely to recommend the Trail to someone else. We believe that word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool but we are also very interested in your ratings because if a Trail receives 7 or less then it is carefully reviewed in case the problem is a broken clue and if all the clues are intact but it still receives a lower than average rating then we are likely to take it out of the catalogue completely.

And some of you tell us using Facebook or Twitter or you phone us directly in the office.

Once we’ve identified there is an issue with a Trail the authorised trail writer who is responsible for that particular Trail will then make a trip out to that town or village and check what has happened to the clue and if it really has gone missing they will replace it.

Keeping on Top of Trails - Scaffolding, the bane of a TT Writer's life!

More often than not the clue isn’t really broken or missing, it is under repair! Scaffolding is the bane of a Treasure Trails writer’s life! The Trail is amended to suit but the older version is kept ready to re-instate once the building has been painted, restored or renovated.

So thank you for your help and please keep up the good work!