Seven Searching Questions

When choosing which Treasure Trail to do when you are looking for a couple of hours entertainment with friends and family how do you decide on which one?  We would love to know. Some of these could be applied to any Things To Do questions you ask!

Seven Searching Questions

Murder Mystery, Treasure Hunt or Spy Theme?

As a Trail writer, I decide which of the three themes to base the Trail around by checking what the others in the vicinity are and I try to ensure that our customers get choices. The Murder Mysteries were the first Treasure Trails theme and the Spy themed ones came later, and each one has a different challenge when writing them and working out the answers. I think the two elimination ones are easier to complete than filling in a grid, but what do you think?

Village or City?

Exploring a village or a city are two very different experiences. Developing the route of a Treasure Trail around a village is normally fairly straight forward but finding enough interesting clue material can be a challenge. Cities are so big and there is so much clue material, we generally need to section it up and write lots of different Treasure Trails to make sure that we cover all the best bits of the place even if it means there are four, five or even six different routes!

Long or short?

Most of our Treasure Trails take around two hours to complete and are two miles or so long. But we do have some that are shorter and some that are much longer and I guess the answer to this one is - it depends! 

Morning or Afternoon?

This question could be phrased another way - Do you want it to finish with lunch or tea? Or you could ask the question - coffee or ice-cream? I am definitely a morning person - how about you?

Summer or Winter?

It doesn't matter with a Treasure Trail whether you complete it in winter or summer although spring or autumn are probably the optimum times when its not too hot and not too cold! We tend to write most of our Trails in the winter/spring but always have to go back and check them in the summer as foliage has a habit of growing and covering up those sneaky clues!

Beach or Hills?

Beach every time I reckon (says she who lives on the side of a hill in a landlocked county). Treasure Trails was born in Cornwall where you are never too far from the beach! Which do you prefer?

Driving, Walking or Cycling?

Walking hits the spot for me every time - how about you? We really would love to hear what you think. Head over to our Facebook page and look for the questions!