50 shades of Treasure Trails

Don’t worry we are not going to go all sleazy on you, but rather to write about the power of word of mouth and specifically the power as it relates to Treasure Trails.

Friends and Family

Treasure Trails have always been delighted that customers tell their friends and neighbours about their adventures exploring local towns and villages. We know that they do because high up on the list of why people buy Trails is “word of mouth”.

Many of the hen party or birthday party enquiries we get tell us that they have either been on a hen or party weekend that involved a Trail or a friend had done one and it sounded great fun.

Gifts at Christmas can be incredibly expensive and sometimes it is hard to find one that is just right. Maybe you want something for the person who has everything or who wants an experience rather than just more stuff; or the neighbour who has helped all year or even the friend who can’t sit still. And this is where word of mouth comes in – chatting over coffee – what was the best gift you got / gave for Christmas … answer a Treasure Trail around the neighbourhood.

Social Media

Social media is all about word of mouth too. We have a reasonable twitter following and an interested and engaged Facebook community.  But there is a long way to go as apparently, Facebook’s active user base is huge with a staggering 1.23 billion active users at the end of 2013. But statistics can be misleading and it’s often more important to focus on quality rather than quantity!  If you are a regular follower on Facebook, you will know that we devise a Monday morning teaser which attracts lots of comments and sometimes conversations.  And Facebook is perfect for sharing information with friends and family and is today’s equivalent of word of mouth.

Our newsletters nearly always contain a puzzle or two and these can be downloaded and shared too. If you don’t already get the newsletter, click the link to sign up to receive it.

Trip Advisor is another modern word of mouth mechanism with thousands of reviews written daily. It is interesting that in today’s digital world so many are so moved by an experience that they write a review as well as perhaps talking about it to others.

Have a look at this interesting infographic showing word of mouth facts and figures.

 50 shades of Treasure TrailsYou

And this is our fun challenge to you – talk about Treasure Trails to at least one person a day for 5 days using Twitter, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Pinterest or by leaning on the garden fence.

Tell them to put “Word of Mouth and your name” in the “Where Did you Hear About Us” box when they purchase a Trail from our website. The person who receives the most mentions between now and midnight on Christmas Eve will get a free Trail of their choice! We will contact that person directly during January 2015.

Who will you tell first?