Hidden Treasure » 2023 February

  • Explore Wales

    Our top 10 Welsh Trails With rolling hills and valleys, stunning National Parks and a gorgeous coastline, Wales (Cymru) is a fa...
  • Plan a detective date for an alternative Valentine's Day

    Take your partner on a unique adventure with Treasure Trails this Valentine’s Day for a date with a difference. Discover how well you and your sleuthing sidekick work as a team while bonding over hard-to-solve problems and admiring the beautiful setting of your chosen location.
  • Valentine's Day Virtual Trail

    Calling all detectives! Grab your partner in crime and hunker down for a bit of super-sleuthing with our virtual detective mystery! You’ll be whisked away to romantically named streets across the UK to search for evidence and solve the clues.
  • Half-Term Hero

    Here at Treasure Trails, we understand that it can be challenging and stressful entertaining the kids, and you don't want to take them out only for them, and you, to have a rubbish time. So be like our #HalfTermHeroes and fill your day with a stress-free fun activity that both you and the kids can enjoy!
  • Treasure Trails Puzzle Academy

    Enrol in the Treasure Trails Puzzle Academy. Receive 14 curious conundrums straight to your inbox to keep your brain active.
  • TT Codeword

    Pirate Vocabulary Required!
  • Nimble Numbers

    Can you get all four padlock codes?!
  • TT Crazy Maze

    Grab the gold in the maze, but don't get lost!
  • Wacky Word Hunt

    Are you ready to go sightseeing around the world?
  • Solved It! Sudoku

    Get ready to Sudoku!
  • Puzzle Academy 101

    Welcome to the Treasure Trails Puzzle Academy! Your puzzling adventure starts now!