Treasure Trails Puzzle Academy

Back in September, we challenged all you brilliant puzzlers to enrol in the Treasure Trails Puzzle Academy 2020, with 14 curious conundrums sent straight to your inbox to keep your brain active.  

The deadline for your final puzzle answers has now passed – well done for everyone who made it all the way to the end! Take a peek at the leaderboard to see how you measured up. 

If you missed out on enrolling, then we’ve got good news for you – all 14 puzzles can be found below for you to complete just for fun! There are links to the answers too in case you get stumped or want to see how well you did. 

Puzzle 01 – Criss Cross

01 TT Criss Cross

Puzzle 02 – Dingbat Detective

02 Dingbat Detective

Puzzle 03 – SOLVEDIT! Sudoku

03 Solved It Sudoku


Puzzle 04 – Wacky Word Hunt

04 Wacky Word Hunt

Puzzle 05 – TT Crazy Maze

05 TT Crazy Maze

Puzzle 06 – Nimble Numbers

06 Nimble Numbers

Puzzle 07 – TT Codeword

07 TT Codeword


Puzzle 08 – Triangle Trouble

08 Triangle Trouble

Puzzle 09 – TT Wordsearch

09 TT Wordsearch


Puzzle 10 – Wicked Wordplay

10 Wicked Wordplay

Puzzle 11 – Pirate Spot the Difference

11 Pirate Spot the Difference


Puzzle 12 – Puzzle Acrostic

12 Puzzle Acrostic

Puzzle 13 – Shh Top Secret!

13 Top Secret

Puzzle 14 – TT Tricky Tiles

14 Tricky Tiles

Keep Using Those Braincells!

Now that your brain is energised, don’t forget to energise your body too – with all that puzzling you must be in need of some fresh air! 

Get out on your local Treasure Trail to keep your brain and body active. All you need is a sense of adventure, a curious mind and a love of puzzling (we already know you’ve got one of those!). So, gather your household, pick up a Trail and brush off the cobwebs in the wintery sun. 


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