Solved It! Sudoku

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Get ready to Sudoku!

Here’s your next puzzle to solve:

Puzzle 03 is below for you to get cracking on. It’s a Sudoku with a twist, so get the kettle on and settle in to a comfy chair for this one! Remember, once solved, read the instructions again to find out what answer you need to submit

HINT – if you’ve never done a Sudoku before, why not take a look at’s handy guide for how to do a Sudoku puzzle. But remember, ours is with a twist, so switch ‘1-9‘ for ‘the letters and exclamation mark in SOLVED IT!‘.

Download the puzzle here and then submit the puzzle answer (as stated in the puzzle instructions) via the form below. We’ll then email you back with the correct answer and your next puzzle.


Good luck Puzzlers!