Hidden Treasure » 2016 August

  • The Maze Trail

    This is a nice easy puzzle which anyone should be able to solve whilst having a quick tea break!
  • Follow the Adventures of a Family in London

    Follow the Adventures of a Family in London - We were delighted to follow the adventures of Paul Shaw and his family on Twitter when they did the City of London Pudding Lane Treasure Trail.
  • Which Poldark Character Are You?

    Get on me beauties! Reckon you’d be galloping through the fields on your horse, whilst harvesting the hay with your top off if you were around in the Poldark days?
  • The Colouring Puzzle

    Colouring in puzzles are all the rage, but as you know, we like to do things differently so have created a puzzle within a colouring puzzle (still with me?!)
  • Alternative Things to do in Stratford That Are Not About Shakespeare

    When searching for things to do in Stratford, it is difficult to find things that aren’t to do with Shakespeare.
  • Pokemon Go - A Safety Guide for Parents

    So, you're offspring are hooked on Pokémon Go but you're wondering just how safe it is. Here, we take a look at the risks and give you some tips to ensure your kids stay safe as they enjoy this latest craze.
  • Our Day Out Treasure Hunting with Pokemon Go

    The latest craze, Pokémon Go, is a global treasure hunt - and we love treasure hunts. So, we just had to give it a go and see what all the fuss was about.
  • The Visit Lincoln Car Treasure Trail Game

    Working with our friends at Visit Lincoln, we have created a great free downloadable game to help you survive an upcoming trip in one piece…
  • Olympsit I-Spy Armchair Bingo

    Instead of numbers, our "Olympsit" I-Spy Armchair Bingo cards contain descriptions of scenes and situations which you might see whilst watching the games on TV this summer.
  • Things to do in Worcester Whatever the Season

    Worcester on the banks of the River Severn is a hidden gem in itself with a high street full of both chains and independent shops, regular markets and plenty of places to eat and drink.