The Colouring Puzzle

The Colouring Puzzle

Colouring in puzzles are all the rage, but as you know, we like to do things differently so have created a puzzle within a colouring puzzle (still with me?!)

What you have to do

Part 1

  1. Download the colouring puzzle
  2. Get some colouring pens/pencils ready (you will need the following: black, blue, purple, pink, red, yellow and green)
  3. Colour in each shape the appropriate colour (this is shown by a small blob in each shape - i.e. if there is a green blob then you need to colour that shape green)
  4. Once you have coloured in the all the shapes, you will need to look hard (and possibly cross-eyed!) at the picture to see a dingbat style clue which reveals a location in the UK needed to solve the next part of the puzzle

Part 2

  1. Once you have worked out the location in the UK (by solving the Dingbat style clue) go to Google Maps (desktop or laptop only - sorry, a phone or tablet won't help you here!) and type this location in
  2. Zoom in and find an 'island of adventure'
  3. Follow the line which runs SSE from this location. One of the blue circles near the end of this line holds the answer to this puzzle! Pick up the golden Google man (in the bottom right hand corner of your screen) and drop him on one of the blue circles to have a good look around (you may need to use the zoom function!).
  4. Search them all until you find the answer to the following question:
"What can you not do overhead?"
The Colouring Puzzle The Colouring Puzzle

Solved it, or just need to know the answer?!

Enter your answer by clicking on the button below and we will let you know if you are correct or not, along with how the final answer can be reached. On the 30th September 2016 we will draw 5 correct answers at random to win a Treasure Trail of their choice!