The Maze Trail

This is a nice easy puzzle which anyone should be able to solve whilst having a quick tea break!

Ok, so it may only be a maze puzzle, but we like to make it an extra special maze puzzle - so have called it the 'Maze Trail Adventure'! Now just close your eyes and picture the scene....

You are in a pyramid on a quest to uncover a golden amulet but have fallen down into a chamber – you are trapped! You will only be able to find your way out by uncovering the sequence of hieroglyphics which will unlock one of the twenty doors.

From the start point at the centre of the grid you need to work your way through the maze, moving one square at a time, vertically or horizontally. You must pass through each of the 21 different hieroglyphic symbols only once to arrive at an exit door through which you can escape. There is only one correct route. Which door do you exit through? Maze Trail Puzzle

Enjoyed the Maze Trail Puzzle?

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