Olympsit I-Spy Armchair Bingo

Instead of numbers, our Olympsit I-Spy Armchair Bingo cards contain descriptions of scenes and situations which you might see whilst watching the games on TV this summer. Using our four different Olympsit I-Spy Armchair Bingo cards, play against your friends and family to try and be the first person to shout “BINGO!” once you have crossed all the scenes/situations off your card.

Some rules to avoid arguments:

  • When a player sees a scene/situation on their card, they must declare it to the others by shouting “I-Spy (name of scene/situation)” so that it can be verified by the others. Other players with that scene/situation on their card cannot cross it off at that point; only the first person who spotted it on that occasion.
  • No scene/situation can be crossed off without the presence of at least one other playing witness.  The name of the witness needs to written in the box on the bingo card.
  • Agree on a seriously good prize for the winner!

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Olympsit I-Spy Armchair Bingo