Calling all treasure seekers!

Family fun on a treasure hunt Trail

Treasure hunt Trails are the ultimate adventure for intrepid explorers wanting to put their clue-cracking skills to the test. You'll embark on an intriguing expedition, crossing the rogue locations off your treasure map to real the hiding spot for the long-lost loot.

Stay alert - rival treasure seekers could be hiding around every corner, and you never know when a booby trap might be triggered!

Unlock a new badge

If you head out on an adventure on Talk Like a Pirate Day, make sure you submit your answer to unlock the Talk Like a Pirate Day club badge in your account!

Any answer - right or wrong - submitted through the website at any time on the 19th September will count, and the Trail can be any theme (although you'll get brownie points if you pick a treasure hunt!).

Don't worry if you haven't planned ahead - with the download Trails and Treasure Trails app, you can get instant access to adventure.

You can find out more about our Trail Blazer Badges and Footsteps Rewards here.

Using the advanced filter

In the menu, click on 'Buy a Trail' and select the region you'd like to explore or enter a place into the search bar to see all Trails within 30 miles.

Then, click on 'Filter' just above the map. An advanced filter menu will pop out on the left-hand side of the page.

If you tick 'Treasure Hunt' and submit filters, you'll be able to see all treasure-themed Trails in that region. You can even narrow it down to Trail length, type and accessibility too.

Then, simply pick the quest that you and your crew would like to try!

Join the Mini Explorer Club

Join the Mini Explorer Club

Are you bringing some mini adventurers (or big kids!) with you on your expedition?

Make sure you download and print the (totally free) Mini Explorer Club pack before you set off for some extra activities that will get the youngest members of your team super excited about the quest. They'll even be able to pick out their explorer name and add it to their ID card!

You'll be given a link to the Mini Club pack on purchase. Click the button below to find out more.

Not sure where to start?

Top 10 Treasure Hunts

Are you ready to go on a thrilling adventure, locating lost loot and unearthing twisting tales along the way? You'll bravely venture out on your journey, dodging booby traps and evading rival treasure seekers as you advance. Whether you're hunting for hidden pirate gold, precious artefacts or pinched jewels, you'll need to whittle down your list of map locations to reveal where X marks the spot.

There are over 400 treasure hunt Trails across the UK waiting to be solved by intrepid explorers. Not sure which case to accept first? Check out our top 10 for exploration inspiration.

More Resources

Get prepared with Explorer Training

As a top treasure seeker, you’ll know that you need to be on top of your game, so try our Explorer Training Video for an extra pre-quest boost.

Learn the lingo

Talk Like a Pirate

Arr ya ready to unleash your inner buccaneer? That's great, 'cause Talk Like a Pirate Day is the perfect opportunity to learn the lingo.

Here are some useful pirate phrases to use when you come up against some of the many modern-day problems we all face in 2023.

When you've got the hang of it, can you come up with any phrases of your own? Maybe using a pirate talk translator will help!

Brush up on your history

Six Great Bristish Pirates

With tales of treasure-seeking, desert islands and adventure, it's no surprise that pirate stories - both fictional and historical - continue to capture our imaginations.

These Six Great British Pirates are surrounded by twisting tales of treasure and terror on the high seas. They may not be the greatest pirates ever, but each has a great claim to fame and a Trail or two near their hometowns! And when you've got your fill of piracy, there are Six Great British Explorers to learn about too!