Footsteps: We think you’re awesome

Buy one Trail, get your sixth free. That’s our Footsteps Scheme. It’s straight forward and it rewards you, our regular customer, who buy off our website.

Every purchase you make online, you earn 10 footsteps, the milestones are marked; at 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250, you’ll get a unique voucher code credited to your account page for one free Trail. This code will appear under the ‘Loyalty Rewards’ section. You can only use these codes against your email address.

Once you get to 300 footsteps, you’ll have a multi-use code which will give you a 10% off any future Trail order for life! This will only work with your account though, and you’ll need to enter it each time.

Track your progress across the mountain range as you soar to new heights (see what I did there 😉).

If you are an existing Treasure Trails customer, we have given you a 10 footstep head start.


Footsteps Rewards

Trail Blazer Badges: Because we’re awesome!

Who doesn’t love collecting things, and seeing how amazing they are?
Primarily linked to Trail answer submissions, we have four category of badges

  • Trail Blazer badges
  • Location Badges
  • Special Badges
  • Club Badges

It’s super important you buy and submit your Trail answers under the same email address to keep stacking up your status.


Trail Blazers

Your Trail Blazer badges have a count of the different themes, types, miles walked and more.

 Trail Blazer badges

Location Badges

Your location badges are linked to answer submissions only. There are 11 different types of locations from Capital City to Island, where our Trails explore – can you complete them all? Submit an answer to a Trail linked to one of these and your badge will appear, along with a count of how many Trails of this type you have completed.

The attributions of a Trail are a mystery! There will be one ‘Location’, and one ‘Special’ per Trail. Some you’ll be able to work out perhaps, others will be a nice surprise!

 Location Badges

Special Badges

There are over 80 Special Badges for you to collect. These will range from things such as ‘Double O’ (there are two O’s next to each other in the title – such as Moor) to ‘Viking’ (a Trail with a Viking link). 

 Special Badges

 Club Badges

Our Club badges are where it all comes together. Once unlocked, some will have added benefits and features such as exclusive games and hidden web pages with awesome prizes.

To unlock these, they are linked to combinations of all our other badges or, are linked to special days in the calendar year (submit an answer of New Year’s Day and see what happens!).

Here are some teasers for you… Can you complete a Trail within each of the 4 nations? Or perhaps 3 counties. What about 4 City Trails?

Each Special badge also belongs to one of 8 ‘Groups’, these are displayed to you when you unlock each one. The Groups are:

  • Creation
  • Landmarks
  • Living World
  • Period
  • Play on Words
  • Story Telling
  • Travel

If you unlock a set number of badges within any giving group, you’ll get one of the 8 badges listed above.

Club Badges

It’s all about the mystery, and of course, the reward!!

Over the coming months we’ll be building this section out a lot more to make it a key part of your Trail experience.

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