The Treasure Trails App

Same great Trails, but now on the all-new app for instant adventuring!

Submitting your answer to your treasure hunt

You can now access our Trails in the following formats, all for the same great price:

Mobile App

Mobile App for you to complete your Trail on a mobile device (Same day Trailing fun)

PDF Download

PDF digital file for you to print at home (Same day Trailing fun)

Trail booklet

Printed by us and posted through your letter box (Sent 1st class via Royal Mail)

We love that our Trails provide a digital detox for those wanting a screen break. But we also know that sometimes you just wake up and want to get going on a Trail, and not everyone has a printer. That’s why we launched the Treasure Trails App.

The App syncs to your account and order history, so you’ll be able to ensure that your Trailing history and account are all kept up to date

Read on to find out more on how to use the App, and what great features it has.

Awesome features

1. Well, it looks cool on the phone! Easy to navigate and track your progress.

2. Fun, themed welcome and answer submission videos. A great feature for younger Trailers.

A fun mission briefing video on a spy Trail

3. It doesn’t use data or connection. Once the Trail is downloaded, you complete your adventure without using any data. You don’t need an internet connection until you're ready to submit your answer.

4. A “help” section for up to three clues. This replaces the current text line service, is automatic, immediate, and doesn’t cost anything. The extra bonus is that you can use this feature even if you're still using a paper version of the Trail.

A treasure hunt clue with the help section visible

5. Instant answer submission while on your Trail. You submit your answer on the App, so there's no need to log onto the website. This provides an instant and cool resolution to your Trail experience with a fun video revealing whether you were right or wrong.

6. Account syncing. Easier to see your account status, Footsteps and the Trail Blazer Badges you've earned.

Access your account, Trail Blazer Badges and Footsteps rewards

7. Always access the latest version of the Trail. No outdated copies will exist, even on previous orders.

8. Access past digital orders. Previously ordered PDF digital Trails (from June 2022 onwards) are automatically stored on your account – download and have a look. This will also give you the latest version of the Trail.

9. Get an App version of printed Trails too! Going forward, all digital and printed orders will also be stored on the App.

How to get the App

It’s free to get the Treasure Trails App from the App Store or on Google Play.

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

You can get the App now, and if you log in using the email address connected to your Treasure Trails account, you’ll get access to all your recent and new Trail adventures.

Once you download the App, you’ll need to request a “PIN”. When you request your PIN, make sure you use the email address linked to your Treasure Trails account so that we can fill the App with your Trailing information.

Just follow the instructions on the screen – it’s all super nice and easy to use.

Getting Trails within the App

You can’t purchase Trails directly within the App. You still buy them from the Treasure Trails website, and your orders will automatically load to the App.

As you progress with your Treasure Trails journey, you can order a mix of Printed or Digital Trails. Whichever you choose, they'll also appear on the Treasure Trails App.

App Q&As

Q. Can I use the App on more than one phone?
A. No, unfortunately not, just one login per account. This does, however, ensure that the Treasure Trails ethos remains - all working together to enjoy and complete one Trail.

Q. How much battery does the App use?
A. Not much at all. Once your Trail is downloaded it won't use any data or connectivity, so just make sure, to be on the safe side, you have 25% battery, or 50% if you plan to take photos en-route

Q. Are there any in-App purchases?
A. Nope. No hidden extras here! 😊

Q. I’m not great with phones – is it still suitable for me?
A. 100%. We're all about enjoying the Trail location and the mind-tickling clues. The App is just another way to deliver this experience. It’s one simple screen at a time, with a nice visual interface and illustrations based around the storytelling aspect.

Q. My phone is old. Will it still work?
A. It should do! We recommend checking the compatibility information before downloading. At the time of publishing, so long as you have iOS 11.0 or later on your iPhone® or iPad®, or Android™ 4.1 or higher, then yes, 100%.

Q. Will I get all my Footsteps and Trail Blazer Badges on the App?
A. Yes, the historical data you see on the website version of your account will match that on the App. The two will continually sync so that if your next Trail is done on the App, the website version of your account will display the same information (or vice-versa).

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