The Treasure Trails Mini Clubs

We have three super duper themed Clubs for your child to enjoy as part of their Treasure Trail experience.

Perfect for 4-8 year olds, the concept behind the Clubs is that your child will get a bundle of goodies to excite them about their forthcoming Trail experience, something to keep them entertained whilst travelling to and from the Trail, and something to be given on completion of the Trail as a keepsake.

The packs are free (and totally optional), given to you as a PDF file (you'll need to print out a couple of pages).

On ordering your Trail, you'll get:

  • Instructions explaining what this is all about!
  • Themed Mini Club Passport booklet featuring some cool activities to do before and travelling to/from your Trail
  • Themed ID card for you to give to the child on completion of the Trail
The Mini Explorer Club pack

On submitting your answer on our website after you have finished the Trail, you'll also get:

  • Themed badges for the child to cut out and stick in their Passport
  • Letters from the sister organisations, inviting the child to embark on a totally different adventure
Post answer submission goodies

Ready for your adventure?

To get your pack, use the search bar to find a Trail near to you or click on the green 'Let's Get Exploring' button.

The links will be provided on your order confirmation page and also in your order confirmation email.

Please do let us know how you get on – we are keen to make this bigger and better!

The Mini Clubs relate to the theme of your Trail, so we have:

The Mini Club themes

What other parents said

We tested this with some Trailers, and had some great feedback:

"Great accompaniment to the Treasure Trail, having done a few trails without the mini agent pack feedback from our little one was that having her own secret agent pack made it "much more awesome"!!"

"My son loved it all. We've done other trails and have always enjoyed them but the extra secret agent activities added an extra layer of fun. It was a good idea to have activities to complete on route to the trail to build up the excitement. We then found the secret item on the trail and my son was excited to receive his badge at the end!"

My 5 year old son said asked "Why is this treasure trail so much more fun than the others?"