Calling all budding detectives!

Family fun on a detective mystery Trail

Detective mystery Trails are the ultimate adventure for super sleuths wanting to test their little grey cells. You'll embark on an intriguing investigation, gathering evidence and cracking clues to solve the curious case.

Stay alert - suspects could be lurking around every corner, and you'll need to use all your detective skills to catch the culprit.

Unlock a new badge

If you head out on an adventure on National Detective Day, make sure you submit your answer to unlock the National Detective Day club badge in your account!

Any answer - right or wrong - submitted through the website at any time on the 24th July will count, and the Trail can be any theme (although you'll get brownie points if you pick a detective mystery!).

Don't worry if you haven't planned ahead - with the download Trails and Treasure Trails app, you can get instant access to adventure.

You can find out more about our Trail Blazer Badges and Footsteps Rewards here.

Using the advanced filter

In the menu, click on 'Buy a Trail' and select the region you'd like to explore or enter a place into the search bar to see all Trails within 30 miles.

Then, click on 'Filter' just above the map. An advanced filter menu will pop out on the left-hand side of the page.

If you tick 'Detective Mystery' and submit filters, you'll be able to see all detective-themed Trails in that region. You can even narrow it down to Trail length, type and accessibility too.

Then, simply pick the case you and your squad of super sleuths would like to try!

Join the Mini Detectives Club

Join the Mini Detective Club

Are you bringing some mini explorers (or big kids!) with you on your investigation?

Make sure you download and print the (totally free) Mini Detective Club pack before you set off for some extra activities that will get the youngest members of your team super excited about the case. They'll even be able to pick out their detective name and add it to their ID card!

You'll be given a link to the Mini Club pack on purchase. Click the button below to find out more.

Not sure where to start?

Top 10 Detective Mysteries

Are you ready to go on a thrilling investigation, unearthing fascinating facts and cracking vital clues along the way? You'll head out on patrol to conduct your inquiries around your chosen location, examining evidence and whittling down your suspect list to reveal 'whodunnit'.

There are over 400 detective Trails across the UK waiting to be solved by super sleuths. Not sure which case to accept first? Check out our top 10 for exploration inspiration.

More resources

Get prepared with Detective Training

As a top detective, you’ll know that you need to be on top of your game, so try our Detective Training Video for an extra pre-investigation boost.

Solve a puzzle

Puzzle Time

While you're prepping for your investigation, maybe you could lend Teresa Trayals a hand in this brand-new puzzle! She's found herself in the middle of an investigation while taking a well-deserved break on the Orient Express. Can you help her identify the culprit who smuggled a herd of sheep onto the train?

Think you've cracked the case and figured out 'whodunnit'? Check the answers here!