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Walking Backwards

Walking is a popular and beneficial way to exercise but did you know that walking backwards has even more benefits? Of course if you walked backwards whilst completing a Treasure trail you might miss some of the clues, but on the other hand you would definitely see more than you were looking for!

Why would you want to walk backwards?

  1.  Walking backwards increases the heart rate when compared to walking forwards at the same speed.
  2. More calories are burnt when walking backwards rather than forwards because we have to make a great effort and the increased metabolism could result in weight loss if you keep it up (oh and you have to eat less too).
  3. Doing something different like this prevents boredom (not that doing a Treasure Trail is boring, but just walking could be!)
  4. Because you don’t have eyes in the back of your head and need to be constantly looking out for obstacles and dangers all five senses are heighted,
  5. And our reflexes are sharpened too!
  6. It promotes blood circulation and prevents lumbago
  7. And can even help prevent the development of a hunchback!
  8. When you get older balance and coordination becomes even more important and walking backwards can improve the functions of our cerebellum. The cerebellum is an area of the brain that controls motor movement coordination, balance, and equilibrium and muscle tone.  (I always learn something when I write a new post).
  9. The muscles of the front and back of the shin and ankle are strengthened because the movement is unfamiliar,
  10. And the knee joint and the patella joint in particular benefit from backward walking with a reduction of repetitive strain injuries.
  11. Walking backwards protects your brain against mechanical thinking – the rut that it gets into when repeating the same old patterns, like walking forwards!

Apparently, 100 steps backwards are equivalent to 1,000 steps forwards!

Walking Backwards
Walking backwards is easy – right?

Who walks backwards?

Lots of groups walk backwards without even thinking about it. For example, golfers walk backwards as they eye up a putt; nurses and hospital porters walk backwards while wheeling a patient; equestrians walk backwards while tending to their horse; tennis players run backwards to get that lob; plumbers can’t turn around when they’ve crawled into a tight space so end up shuffling backwards! And in lots of sports – football, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, net ball – the players are moving backwards, usually without looking!

When you stop and think about it, we all use backward walking every day!

Our Challenge to You

Send us a fun video of you walking backwards and holding a clearly visible Trail booklet and we’ll send you two free Trails of your choice! Send the video to us before 1st June and be prepared for us to share them on our social media sites.

26th February 2014

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Treasure Trails Way!

What is your idea for romance at this time of year? Some like to get up close and personal, others to stay anonymous and admire from afar. And there are lots of clichés and tried and tested ways of celebrating Valentines’ Day but some of our Trailers have put their creative hats on and used Treasure Trails and Treasure Trails Partners to help them win their love’s hearts!

Some names and some places have been changed to protect the guilty parties!

Fancy A Date?

Way back in the early days of Treasure Trails we received a phone call from a gentleman in Solihull who was looking for somewhere to take his brand new girlfriend and wanted a Trail that ended with a dramatic view to impress her and so she would remember him against that backdrop!  We sent him the Broadway Trail which we’d adapted so that it finished at Broadway Tower. They reckon 16 counties can be seen on a clear day from the top of the Tower!  We know that some dating sites suggest our Trails too – have a read of this blog post from Muddy Matches.

Will you marry me?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Treasure Trails Way! - She said Yes!
She said Yes!

In the words of a delighted bridegroom to be “I’m not sure if my text made it through to you ok but I just wanted to write and say a massive thank you for all of your help in pulling together the treasure trail for my proposal to Mel – it worked a treat! She honestly didn’t guess it and it was a pleasure to sit in the grounds of Warkworth church on a beautiful sunny day and pop the question.  We are now very happily celebrating our engagement and telling everybody the story – we’ve even started to think about how we could use the treasure trail idea as a theme for the wedding! You’ve helped make one very happy couple. I look forward to a long and happy adventure with Mel (completing many more trails I’m sure, only this time the slightly more conventional ones!).”  

Next come the hen and stag parties

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Treasure Trails Way! - HensWe’ve had literally hundreds of hens using our Trails to entertain their friends as part of their hen party day out or weekend away and we’ve had quite a few stags too!  It’s hard to choose which hen party to share with you as they all sound as though the girls had a laugh whilst retaining some dignity!  But this is a really nice story submitted by one of our TT Partners.

“A couple went on holiday to Prague for a long weekend and the groom-to-be omitted to tell his girlfriend that his rugby team were also going to be in the city. He took her onto one of the bridges for the obligatory photo, and duly got a shot of her with the river behind, etc. He then asked her to take a similar one of him. When she looked at him standing by the parapet, in the background was the neighbouring bridge. Lined up on that bridge were his rugby mates, each holding a very large letter up to spell out “Marry me Ruth”. We got the hens to re-enact it, just spelling Ruth, by using arms, legs, etc. on a bridge in Staffordshire. Went down a storm!”

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Treasure Trails Way! - Stags to the rescue!
Stags to the rescue!

Another of our Treasure Trails Partners created a stag Trail for a bunch of guys who spent their weekend cruising the pubs and bars of a Shropshire village dressed as pirates.  Their challenge was to track down the stag’s bride to be by following the Trail and working out through a series of challenges where she was being held. Being men of few words we didn’t really expect much in the way of feedback, so were pleased to get an email when they’d finished which merely said “Thank you that was fab – Ollie”.

The Wedding

Up in Scotland a young couple decided to use Treasure Trails to entertain their younger guests during the reception and commissioned a bespoke Trail around the venue.  It was presented as a wedding favour and gave the guests many of whom had come from afar something to do during the weekend of the wedding. Nice!

It’s our anniversary!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Treasure Trails Way! - Celebrating a special occasion
Celebrating a special occasion

James and Kathryn Woodhall celebrated their second wedding anniversary last year by doing the Chalfont St Giles, Seer Green and Jordans Treasure Trail. Kathryn explained, “We like walking and find the directions in the Treasure Trails easy to follow and they allow us to go for a walk with a purpose“. Kathryn is such a fan of these local Treasure Trails that she recently arranged a personalised one around Marlow for her sister-in-law and her friends to do on a hen party. Kathryn said “We had all had a great time together and had lots of fun“.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Treasure Trails Way! - Find us on facebook
Find us on facebook


If you’d like a bespoke Trail, get in touch and we’ll connect you with your local Treasure Trails Partner.

We’d love to hear how Treasure Trails has helped bring romance into your life – pop over to our Facebook page and find the heart to join in the conversation.


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12th February 2014

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