Aboyne Trail Mail

Welcome to your next Trail Mail challenge! St Andrew's Day is just around the corner, so we're headed to the Highlands to solve some clues in Aboyne (Abèidh/Abyne).

This is the fifth instalment of the 2023 Trail Mail Challenge. For information on the prizes, the leaderboard and past puzzles, visit the main page here.

Your challenge

There are three clues set on the following image - one easy peasy, one mind twister and one brain buster. How many can you solve?

Top tip: Open the image in a new tab or save it to your device so you can zoom in.

Royal Warrents for the general merchants

Image: By Aboyne - Royal Warrants by Colin Smith, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=136070053 - cropped

Easy Peasy

The lion and the unicorn each have a word beneath their hoof/paw. What letter do these two words share?

Mind Twister

Remove all the words that can be seen in both the blue and red plaques, and all acronyms. Then, list the remaining words in alphabetical order. What’s the fifth word?

Brain Buster

((Lions + Thistles - Crowns) x Flags) / Feathers = ?

Aboyne Trail Mail answers

The closing date for Aboyne Trail Mail entries was Friday 5th January 2024.

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🔦 Spotlight location: Aboyne

Queens Loch, Aboyne

Aboyne, known as Abèidh in Scottish Gaelic and Abyne in Scots, is a peaceful Aberdeenshire village in the scenic surroundings of Royal Deeside. It is renowned for hosting the annual Highland Games, a celebration of Scottish culture and sports. Situated near Cairngorms National Park, Aboyne offers access to outdoor activities such as hiking, golfing, and wildlife observation, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and enthusiasts.

On the Aboyne detective mystery Trail, you'll patrol through the town centre and along quiet country lanes, and investigate Station Square and Aboyne Green, where crucial evidence may be unearthed...

Fab facts and twisting tales

The Highland Games have a rich history dating back centuries. They originated as a way for clans to showcase their warriors' strength and skills, serving both as a military exercise and a social gathering. Over time, these games evolved into a more organised and competitive event with standardised rules and categories. 

Aboyne's Highland Games have been held annually on the first weekend in August since 1867. There's everything from Tug o'War and weight lifting/throwing, to races, dances, marches and musical competitions. Plus with stalls and fairground rides for entertainment in between events, it's a fantastic day out for all ages, whether competing or spectating.