Southwark Trail Mail

Welcome to your next Trail Mail challenge! Winter's on the way and we're feeling festive so it's time for a trip to the frost fair in Southwark, where your next set of clues are waiting.

This is the sixth instalment of the 2023 Trail Mail Challenge. For information on the prizes, the leaderboard and past puzzles, visit the main page here.

Your challenge

There are three clues set on the following image - one easy peasy, one mind twister and one brain buster. How many can you solve?

Top tip: Open the image in a new tab or save it to your device so you can zoom in.

Image: By No Swan So Fine - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, - cropped

Easy Peasy

What do Mr Browning and Mr Astull both keep in their yards?

Mind Twister

A number of words in the poem use the archaic long s, which looks a bit like an f ( ſ ).

List all these words in alphabetical order. What letter position is the ſ in within each word? Submit as numbers in that order.

Brain Buster

Fill in the blanks in this sequence:

T a _ n t R _ H p g _ T w

Southwark Trail Mail answers

The closing date for Southwark Trail Mail entries was Friday 5th January 2024.

You can find the answers for the Southwark Trail Mail challenge by clicking the button below.

🔦 Spotlight location: Southwark

Southwark, located in central London, is a borough steeped in history. It's home to landmarks such as Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and Southwark Cathedral. Borough Market is a popular destination for food enthusiasts. The Shard skyscraper dominates the skyline. Southwark offers a blend of historical and modern elements, making it a diverse and dynamic part of London. 

The Southwark treasure hunt Trail will take you on a journey from London Bridge Station, following part of the Pilgrim's Way and venturing around the cathedral. Can you track down the long-lost gold?

Fab facts and twisting tales

The Thames Frost Fairs were historic winter festivals held on the frozen River Thames in London, mostly during the 'Little Ice Age' of the 17th and 18th centuries, although the first fair recorded was actually held in 695! When the river froze over, temporary markets, entertainment, and games would emerge on the ice. These fairs became iconic events, featuring activities like ice skating, food stalls, and even printing presses.

The last significant Frost Fair occurred in 1814, as changes to the river's flow and climate made the freezes less frequent and reliable. The Frost Fairs memorial used in today's Trail Mail clue can be seen in the pedestrian tunnel under Southwark Bridge.