Answers: Southwark Trail Mail

Well done on completing the Southwark Trail Mail challenge! How did you do? Take a peek below to see the three answers.

Easy Peasy

Q: What do Mr Browning and Mr Astull both keep in their yards?

A: Timber.

Mind Twister

Q: A number of words in the poem use the archaic long s, which looks a bit like an f ( ſ ). List all these words in alphabetical order. What letter position is the ſ in within each word? Submit as numbers in that order.

A: 4132 - Roaſted, ſee, Taſte, Uſe

Brain Buster

Q: Fill in the blanks in this sequence: T a _ n t R _ H p g _ T w

A: a p R. This is the first initial of each line of text in the middle of the two stones. The ones missing from the sequence are a, plum, Rabbit.