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Free Stuff – Quizzes

Have some free stuff – quizzes on us! Here are some great family friendly quizzes from Treasure Trails to keep you entertained when you’re not out doing a Trail.

Which Poldark Character Are You?

Get on me beauties!

Reckon you’d be galloping through the fields on your horse, whilst harvesting the hay with your top off if you were around in the Poldark days? Well now’s the time to find out with the Which Poldark Character Are You? quiz...

Once you've learnt which Poldark character you are most like, see if you can unravel The Poldark Secret!

Want to play again?

Click on the link to start the 'Which Poldark Character Are You?' quiz again.


Want some more Poldark action?

Follow the link below to discover the Poldark Secret.

23rd August 2016

Posted In: Quizzes


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