Welcome to the Fourth Edition of TT Strange Times!

TT Strange Times Issue 4 - Keeping Families Entertained

News, ideas and inspiration from us in these strangest of times.

Hi again! Yes, it really is time now for the FOURTH edition of “TT Strange Times”! Isn’t the time just flying by?

While we too are isolating at home along with the rest of you, we wanted to setup a fun resource for puzzles, games, ideas and information to help us all through these uncertain times.

Every couple of weeks, we’re sending out a new issue, each with a different theme. For this fourth edition, we wanted to pay tribute to everyone whose tireless work has kept the country going in these difficult times and say a MASSIVE “THANK YOU” to our…

Frontline Heroes

TT Strange Times: A massive THANK YOU to all our Frontline Heroes out there, keeping the country going.

So while the majority of the population HAVE been observing the lockdown and social distancing measures introduced back in March, there has been a small group of dedicated people continuing to work.

Of course we are grateful to the doctors, nurses and the NHS but we must not forget the likes of the Police, Fire Services, Rescue services, RNLI and Coastguard and breakdown recovery organisations.

Spare a though too for care workers, supermarket workers, delivery drivers, public transport workers and energy suppliers who have been unremittingly stoic throughout this whole pandemic.

We can’t possibly name everyone that we’d personally like to thank – but rest assured, you are all in our thoughts.

Also – THANK YOU, the mums, dads, grandparents and kids who have not had to face restrictions and disruption to daily living like this since the War.

We want to extend our love and thanks to those that we have also lost during this crisis too.

In a way, we are all heroes, big and small, who have been united in adversity and will hopefully emerge from this crisis as a tighter, stronger community in general.

TT Strange Times: Stay safe - and THANK YOU.

So, back now to the order of business for this Issue of TT Strange Times.

We thought that with the theme of the issue, Florence Nightingale should be the subject of Inspirational People for Inspirational Times.

Then, you will potentially get the opportunity to become a Superhero yourself, in this edition’s INDOOR ARENA, when you will face… The Mighty Superhero Chair Lift Challenge! I know! Once you’ve exhausted yourself indoors, head out into the garden for the fourth part of The Treasure Trails Garden Games Modern Pentathlon for 2020 – Balloon Target Shooting.

Deliciousness ensues after that when we serve up some more mouthwatering ideas for Getting YUMMY With It… in the form of a PIZZA with a message – an opportunity for you to say thank you as well!

Our TOP Five… shines a blue flashing light on TV ‘Emergency Services’ boxsets that are available on various digital platforms.

For this edition’s competition you’ll have a chance to sharpen up those Crayolas and draw YOUR hero!

Submit your entries to us and the best could win a gift voucher to use on your next Trailing adventure.

Finally, kick off the trainers and / or brogues and pop on those slippers, get a brew on and enjoy this issue’s hero themed puzzles for you to solve. As always, some are trickier and some easier than others – and you may well find that you’ll need your Spidey senses on full tingle to solve them!

Send up the bat-light and don’t forget to share this with friends and family. #TTStrangeTimes

Editor-in-Chief, Tristan.

TT Strange Times: Once again, Thank You!

Inside this edition of TT Strange Times…

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Inspirational People – For Inspirational Times...

Inspirational People –
For Inspirational Times...

A closer look at another inspirational figurehead…

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Let's Get Moving...

Get Moving…

Whether you’re inside or outside in your garden, try these fun ideas to keep your mind and body busy!

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Getting YUMMY With it...

Getting YUMMY
With it…

With a different recipe or foody suggestion for each issue, there’s no need to get food bored!

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Our TOP Five...


A pick of five top items for this issue, ready for you to delve into…

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Competition Time!


Why not enter our themed competition? You could win a Treasure Trails gift voucher in preparation for when we can all get back out there!

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Puzzle Time...


Exercise your mind as well as your body with our selection of quizzes!

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Our inspiring quote for this issue:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

Some awesome upcoming dates…

23rd May = World Turtle Day

28th May = World Hunger Day

29th May = National Biscuit Day

31st May = World No Tobacco Day

1st June = Global Day of Parents