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Hidden Treasure

Welcome to Hidden Treasure - a positive treasure trove of fun, educational and informative ideas!

Designed to help you get the most out of your family time, with fun games, quizzes, ideas and information designed to complement Treasure Trails.

We aim to provide you with a little more fun in your life and promote healthy activities. We offer tips and tricks to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours, or teach you something that you probably didn't know before.

To put it simply, we're aiming to fill in the gaps between Trails!

Please use the menu on the right hand side to have a look at some of our great ideas... and enjoy!

Things to take to Centre Parcs

If you have never been to Centre Parcs, it is useful to know what to take. We went recently and had a wonderful time!

Kitchen and Bathroom Essentials

We stayed in two of the woodland lodges in their Longleat Forest site in Wiltshire. We had gone with our extended family to celebrate a special birthday! There were nine of us so we needed two lodges, but had our meals and games in the bigger one. They are located in the forest and designed so that the view from the living area is of uninterrupted nature.

The kitchens are reasonably well equipped but you do need to take dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, washing up cloths, t-towels and kitchen towels as well as food and drink of course. You can buy all this stuff on site, but it is a little more expensive than in your local Aldi or Tesco.

Centre Parcs also provide a very small amount of soap, shampoo and toilet rolls, so make sure you take what you need to last the whole time you are staying there.

Things to take to Centre Parcs - Kitchen and Bathroom Essentials
Things to take to Centre Parcs - Outdoor Kit

Outdoor Kit

We went in early Spring so had no intention of using any of their boats or any of the things you can do on the lake. Instead we spent lots of time in the swimming pool complex and the sports hall. Naturally if you are going to do what we did, then you need not only your swimming kit but towels too. Centre Parcs supply towels for a shower, but not for swimming.

Because no cars are allowed on site, apart from on changeover days, most people hire bicycles. If you have your own helmet its probably worth taking that too. Most of our party did hire bikes for the weekend. The best fun we had though was on the segway experience! They supplied helmets, knee and elbow pads, which was good as one of our party fell off her segway. No damage done though, but we were pleased we had brought a small first aid kit with us.

Indoor Entertainment

Our lodge had a TV and we were able to watch the rugby in front of the fire. When we booked the lodge we also booked a bag of logs which are those easy ones that you just put a match to. We took a couple of board games, but didn’t use them. Instead we played some family favourite pen and paper games as well as charades and our own version of articulate. It rained much of the weekend that we were there, but it really didn’t matter. We had lots of fun playing air hockey in the sports hall too. And whilst we self-catered in the main, we did have one brunch at the Pancake House.

Things to take to Centre Parcs - Indoor Entertainment

Centre Parcs in Longleat have a Trail with clues, but doing that would have been a busman’s holiday! The nearest Treasure Trail to the site is in Warminster. So you might want to add that to your list of things to take and do it before or after you check in to Longleat Forest.

27th April 2017

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The Word Game

Similar to Channel 4’s “Countdown” (minus the big clock), this free word game is your chance to win your next Treasure Trail adventure!

How to play?

Put simply, you need to create valid words by dragging letters onto the grid.

To reach the next level, you need to complete the three tasks. You need to cover all the marked blue squares whilst also reaching both the score and the number of words shown. 

Don't worry though, you don't have to do this all in one go. You can click on submit any time you have a valid word or words to clear some tiles and get some fresh letters! If you can't make a word, click on double down arrow to get some new letters. Be careful though because if you do this too many times you'll run out of moves!

Watch this quick video to give you the full lowdown.

How can I win a Treasure Trail?

To be entered into the competition to win a Treasure Trail of your choice, post your high score on the game's leader board by entering your chosen name, followed by TT.  For example, “William Wordsworth TT”

Confirm your leader board entry by entering the details of your name and score in the comment box below.

You can enter as many times as you like and the person with the highest score on the game's leader board (and in the comments below) at close of play on 8th May 2017 will win a Treasure Trail of their choice.  

Good luck!

25th April 2017

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Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow

We recently took some friends to Ludlow for an hour and had a lovely time!

Sunday Market

Years ago the only shops that were open on Sundays were markets. That has all changed now but it is lovely that Ludlow has a market on Sundays. Most of the stalls were antiques, but my friend was very excited to find a haberdashery stall. We spent some time picking over the different buttons. She chose some for the child’s cardigan she was knitting. I loved that I could buy anything from a postbox to a 1950s guide to Guernsey’s train times.

Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow - Sunday Market
Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow - Sunday Church

Sunday Church

After the market we popped into one of the local clothes shops.  I got a very pretty cardigan and scarf.

Next stop was St Laurence’s, the parish church. We didn’t have a lot of time and the church is so interesting that if you can give it more time, it is well worth it. We were given a leaflet of ‘things not to miss’ and headed to the chancel to enjoy a selection of Misericords. These funny small wooden structures are on the undersides of folding seats in a church. When the seat is folded up, they act as a shelf to support a person in a partially standing position during long periods of prayer.

We also learnt a little bit about Arthur, Prince of Wales. Arthur died in Ludlow and his heart and entrails are buried there. Another famous person remembered in Ludlow is the poet, A E Houseman. He died in Cambridge but his ashes are in Ludlow.

Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow - Arthur Prince of Wales buried here
Things to do on a Sunday Morning in Ludlow - Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch

We came home for Sunday lunch, but there is a wonderful selection of pubs and restaurants in Ludlow for a meal. Trip Advisor suggests there are 68 restaurants in Ludlow. Sometimes there is just too much choice.  Whilst we were there we pointed out various clues used in the Ludlow Murder Mystery to our friends. And we double checked on a clue that had been reported as missing. As expected it was still intact, but it is a tough one!

13th April 2017

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The Easter Word Hunt

What you have to do...

Pretty simple this one - find as many words as you can which are related to Easter in the following image - comment below how many you find! 

If you would like a clue... well, there are more than 6 but less than 16 to find. The answer will be revealed on our Facebook page on Wednesday 12th April. Now get hunting!


Easter Word Hunt

10th April 2017

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Things to do in the Black and White Villages of Herefordshire

One cold afternoon in March we took some friends out for an explore around the black and white Herefordshire villages. They were enchanted.

Things to do in Shobden

First we went to Shobdon Church because I know our friends are interested in architecture. The church is unique as there are no other English churches so completely Rococo in style. This is a style of architecture that likes surprises and the interior of the church is very different to the norm. The walls, ceiling and furniture are all a delicate pastel shade of blue and look like a wedding cake. The pulpit has a 'look, no hands' quality about it as it appears to be held up by delicate scrolls which in reality can’t possibly be supporting it. It really is a delight.

Things to do in the Black and White Villages of Herefordshire - Things to do in Shobden
Things to do in the Black and White Villages of Herefordshire - Things to do in Eardisland

Things to do in Eardisland

There is loads to see in this tiny village. First we looked at the AA box in the car park. It is a survivor from the 1920s. In the 1960s all the old boxes were replaced with little telephone boxes on metal posts but this one was saved by a local AA man. It is kept unlocked so visitors can look inside and across the road in the dovecote is an exhibition about it too.

The dovecote is fascinating and currently houses a WWI exhibition along with all the AA memorabilia. To get to it, you pop a 20p coin into a slot and the lights go on for 15 minutes, which is so quirky. At the foot of the stairs is a community run shop for essentials too. Feels like you've stepped into the 1950s. 

Things to do in Pembridge

Next we headed to Pembridge and the Old Chapel Gallery. This wonderful place is stuffed full of beautiful things from tiny pots and jewellery to enormous paintings and sculptures. There is something for everyone. Our friends bought a gorgeous pot for their mantlepiece and we picked up a candle and a poster. We then went next door to Ye Olde Steppes tea room with its amazing cakes which we couldn't resist. To complete our afternoon we wandered up to Pembridge Church which interestingly has its bell tower detached from the rest of the church. Unfortunately we were just too late to go inside as it shut at 5.00. Maybe we shouldn’t have stopped for cake!   

Things to do in the Black and White Villages of Herefordshire - Things to do in Pembridge

The route of the Weobley and More Treasure Hunt starts in Eardisland, stops in Pembridge and finishes in Weobley. So now you know you will be in for a treat or two if you search for treasure around the black and white villages of Herefordshire.

28th March 2017

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Secret Spots near Leominster

Herefordshire is full of secret spots.  It's a county that doesn’t get the numbers of tourists that other counties in the UK get.

Living there means we get to go out and enjoy some of these secret places and a few weeks ago we did just that.

Queenswood Country Park

Although Queenswood Country Park is relatively well known, there are places off the paths that only the locals know. One such place is the reading seat. Intended for a family storytelling stop in a natural fairytale style glen, it's hidden amongst the trees and could easily be missed. After you’ve enjoyed its secret spot, you can head over to the cafe for hot drinks and snacks as we usually do. Or do it the other way round and take a picnic there. 

Secret Spots near Leominster - Queenswood Country Park
Secret Spots near Leominster - Country Store

Country Store

A hop and a skip from Queenswood is Wynne's of Dinmore, which is a relatively new country store and tea room. We spent a very sunny afternoon up there recently. Wynne's is at the top of Dinmore Hill and therefore the views across the paddocks are amazing. Visitors will be enchanted by the variety of of animals and poultry to see or buy. From pretty little hens, rabbits and guinea pigs through to miniature goats and pigs as well as llamas, alpacas and ponies. After we'd had a good look around, we had a cup of tea in some quirky china and a piece of cake. It was a lovely end to our visit.

Westhope Common

If you are into views then within spitting distance of Queenswood is Westhope Common.  A perfect place for a wild picnic (there are no benches there), the views looking in every direction are amazing. Looking one way is the view of the whole of North Herefordshire spread out in front of you. In another direction on a clear day you can see the Welsh Black Mountains and Hay Bluff. In yet another direction, the Malvern Hills stand proudly on the horizon. We love the walk up there from the village hall, however if you don’t fancy walking three miles each way, then you can always drive.

Secret Spots near Leominster - Country Store

Treasure Trails often take you to secret spots and the Leominster Spy Mission and Leominster Murder Mystery Trails are no exception. They might not stay secret for long though as Leominster was named as one of the best places to live according to the Sunday Times this week. Do you know of any secret spots where you live? We’d love to hear about them.

14th March 2017

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A Day Out in Broadway

Broadway is a gorgeous village on the edge of the Cotswolds. We recently spent a day there in the February sunshine! There are so many things to do in Broadway, you are spoiled for choice.

Local Shops

I am not very good at window shopping and like to shop with a reason in mind. Mooching up and down the High Street in Broadway though is fun because there are so many interesting little gift shops interspersed with museums and galleries. Next time we go I am taking my debit card and a list of family and friend’s birthdays and anniversaries, because then I get to shop with a purpose! We did buy ourselves some gifts though in the sweetie shop and gin shop in Cotswold Court, along with something for a friend from the knitting shop. Always a plus in my book if we can buy from local independent shops.

A Day Out in Broadway - Local Shops
A Day Out in Broadway - Enjoy Lunch


There is a whole range of places to have lunch both inside and out (even in February!) We opted for The Swan and both had fish. David had the traditional British fish and chips with mushy peas and I went for the less traditional fish finger baguette with sweet potato fries. Washed down with a pint for him and a latte for me.

Look Out

As it was such a lovely day we decided to drive up Fish Hill to Broadway Tower. It is easy to walk to Broadway Tower from Broadway High Street, but we were short of time. Well that’s my excuse anyway. Broadway Tower stands dramatically against the winter sky.  It's a really interesting place. Fifteen feet below a field on the Broadway Tower estate is a bunker. A relic of the Cold War, it has been restored to show how it would have been in the 1980’s at the height of the Cold War. It is open at weekends from April to October, so we didn’t see it this time, but plan to go back to Broadway during the season.

A Day Out in Broadway - A Walk to Broadway Tower

There is just so much to do there, we will certainly be going again soon. In the meantime if you fancied a day out in Broadway, we'd recommend you started with the Broadway Spy Mission


28th February 2017

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Things to do on a Cold Rainy Day in Tewkesbury

There is so much more to Tewkesbury than at first glance. 

Things to do on a Cold Rainy Day in Tewkesbury - Paddling in the pool...

Paddling in the Pool

Swimming is always a favourite in our family. If it's raining outside, there is nothing nicer than heading into a warm changing room. It's even better getting into a warm pool. There are two pools at the Tewkesbury Leisure Centre and reasonably sized family changing rooms. There is also a nice cafe with wifi if you can’t tear yourself away from your phone for too long! Entertaining the family and getting one of the best forms of all round exercise. A big plus in my book!

Brunch and Board Games

Swimming always makes me hungry, so rather than the cafe at the pool, we head for Theoc House.  What we like best is the all day brunch choices and that it is independently owned. James and Simon have a great selection of books and games to keep the young, and the young at heart amused. Nothing beats a good board game on a rainy day.

Things to do on a Cold Rainy Day in Tewkesbury - Brunch and Board Games...
Things to do on a Cold Rainy Day in Tewkesbury - Mooching Around a Museum...

Mooching Around a Museum

The John Moore Museum is close to the Abbey and was established in memory of the writer and naturalist, John Moore. If you aren’t into natural history, a few doors away is The Merchant’s House. This is a two storey building which has been beautifully restored and furnished to show the construction of a 15th century shop and dwelling. Recent comments on Trip Advisor state “A visit to Tewkesbury would not be complete without a visit to the 15th century Merchant's house. The audio tour was brilliant. And only £4 for this museum and the old Baptist Chapel”. “This is well worth a visit. There is lots of things to dress up in and touch/play in the tudor house and lots to feel and see in the museum”. Outside is a lovely secret garden, which you may need to save for a day when it isn’t raining!

Evening Entertainment

To round off the day, it is always worth checking what’s on at the Roses Theatre. They have ever changing exhibitions, films, live screenings and performances as well as music and stand up comedy.   

The Roses’ big claim to fame is that Eric Morecambe gave his last performance there on 27 May 1984. After his final curtain call he returned to his dressing room, where he collapsed with what was believed to be his third heart attack. He was rushed to Cheltenham General Hospital, where he sadly died.  The Roses has remembered Eric Morecambe’s life by naming the conference room after him. The Eric Morecambe room is regularly used for meetings, craft activities and rehearsals. It doubles as the wardrobe for The Roses' annual pantomime.

Things to do on a Cold Rainy Day in Tewkesbury - Evening Entertainment...

So there you have it - a selection of things to do in Tewkesbury on a cold rainy day in February! Let us know what things you find to do when you go to Tewkesbury. And if you are stuck for inspiration, we'd recommend you started with the Tewkesbury Treasure Hunt

16th February 2017

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The Annoyingly Addictive Treasure Hunt Game!

A Treasure Trail is all about following a route and solving clues, so you can see why we're somewhat obsessed with this FREE Treasure Hunt Game that we’ve discovered online. 

Aaron has currently got office bragging rights with his high score of 48,770, much to Sam and Tristan’s annoyance; they were sure that he wasn’t going to beat their attempts!

The all-time top score is 55,630. Reckon you could beat that?

The person with the highest score by Wednesday 22nd February will win a Treasure Trail of their choice. See “Win a Treasure Trail - How to enter” below for full details.
Good luck! And please could someone try and beat Aaron’s score? If you don’t we'll never hear the last of it!

Treasure Hunt Game

Top Tips

  • Don’t be put off by the annoying ad before the game starts. You may have to watch a 30 second ad but if you get the option, click on the “Skip” button as soon as you can.
  • Click or tap on the squares to complete a clear path through to the treasure chest. The “treasure hunter” will only move once the path is clear. See "How to play" image above .
  • Squares full of mud can’t be moved so you’ll have to go around them.
  • You get around 3 minutes to complete each level. The quicker you complete a level the more bonus points you score!
  • There are 30 levels which get harder as you progress. On some levels, you have to make a path to a key to unlock a certain area before you can progress onto the treasure chest. On later levels you will have to get to two treasure chests.
  • Once completed, make sure to post you score on the games leader board to see how you rank. Also, comment below with your score, as the highest score posted by Wednesday 22nd February 2017 will win a Treasure Trail of their choice. See full details on how to enter below.

Win a Treasure Trail Competition - How to enter

So, you’ve completed the game and have been given your final score. To enter the competition to win a Treasure Trail of your choice, post your high score on the game's leader board entering your chosen name, followed by TT for example, “Treasure Hunter TT ”.

Once you have posted your final score on the game's leader board, comment below giving details of your entry name and score. You can enter as many times as you like and the person with the highest score on the game's leader board (and in the comments below) on 22nd February 2017 will win a Treasure Trail of their choice.

7th February 2017

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5 Reasons to Take a Trip Around the UK in 2017

Famed for its rich cultural heritage and natural wonders, the UK is increasingly becoming a favourite amongst tourists. From the dizzying heights of London’s skyline to the rural pastures of Northumberland, the UK offers a variety of holiday experience like no other - meaning from young to old and families to couples, there really is something for everyone in this picturesque part of the world.

Today, Flying Scot Glasgow - providers of low cost parking - are bringing you 5 reasons why the UK makes for the ideal holiday destination and allows you to avoid the stress and expense of going abroad.

Natural wonders

From rural getaways to coastal breaks, the UK has it all and, in some regions, you can enjoy a day in the countryside followed by an evening by the sea. Perfect for any holidaymaker, from families looking to the enjoy the traditions of Britain’s seaside towns to walkers hoping to appreciate the views and quaint villages of the countryside, the UK boasts a variety of landscapes.

The Scottish Isles, Lake District and Northumberland regions are just a few of the many UK hotspots that are brimming with natural beauty - and are both accessible and astonishing. From moors and lochs to rolling hills and impressive peaks, any holidaymaker hoping to tune into nature will have a wealth of British destinations to choose from.

5 Reasons to Take a Trip Around the UK in 2017 - Natural Wonders

Rich History

The rich history of the United Kingdom - from the War of the Roses to its journey from Catholicism to multiculturalism - can be explored and enjoyed as part of your UK holiday.

Adding to the educational value offered to UK holidaymakers are glorious castles, ancient ruins, magnificent architecture and exceptional museums. A trip to one of Britain’s historic sites - from witnessing the One O’clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle to discovering the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory - offers an authentic insight into the country’s diverse history. If you’re looking to get acquainted with local tradition during your trip, depending on where you’re holidaying, you can experience everything from seaside fish and chips to a pint of Guinness at Dublin’s Guinness Factory.

Festivals and Events

The UK is famous for its diverse cultural traditions, many of which that continue to be celebrated today. Literary pilgrimages exploring the memory of masterminds like William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens inspire British tourism, and add extra appeal to many tourist sites.

British summer is dominated by world famous festivals that promise a cultural experience suitable for all ages. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest art festival in the world, and music festivals such as Glastonbury and V Festival welcome musicians and performers from across the globe. After all, it isn’t a British summer without donning a pair of wellington boots!

5 Reasons to Take a Trip Around the UK in 2017 - Family Fun

Family Fun

An advantage of the UK’s extraordinary landscape is the extensive range of adventure sports and activities available throughout the country. From gorge walking to canoeing across the nation’s lakes, the range of activities both below and above ground make for an unforgettable day out.

For families, taking part in these activities guarantees a fun way to bond, while taking in the beauty of the surrounding areas. Man-made attractions like the magical Bewilderwood, London’s Harry Potter World and Britain’s multiple theme parks are also on offer for thrill-seekers holidaying in urban spaces.

Vibrant Cities and Towns

The UK is also home to an abundance of metropolitan cities, from the medieval alleyways of Dublin to the cocktail capital that is Manchester. Be it shopping, taking in a show or exploring on a double decker bus, the UK boasts dynamic cities that offer something for everyone.

If you’re hoping to tick well-known landmarks off your list, London is home to a wealth of must-see attractions. From Buckingham Palace to Big Ben, there are a number of famous sites that are suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Quainter locations such as Whitby and the medieval city of York are also ideal holiday destinations, with just enough going on to step out of the chaos of reality and into an authentic, spirited atmosphere.

5 Reasons to Take a Trip Around the UK in 2017 - Vibrant Cities and Towns

For holidaymakers that want it all without the stress that comes with planning a trip abroad, the perfect destination is just outside your door! And don't forget there are hundreds of Treasure Trails to try out wherever you are in the UK. 

31st January 2017

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