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Hidden Treasure

Welcome to Hidden Treasure - a positive treasure trove of fun, educational and informative ideas!

Designed to help you get the most out of your family time, with fun games, quizzes, ideas and information designed to complement Treasure Trails.

We aim to provide you with a little more fun in your life and promote healthy activities. We offer tips and tricks to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours, or teach you something that you probably didn't know before.

To put it simply, we're aiming to fill in the gaps between Trails!

Please use the menu on the right hand side to have a look at some of our great ideas... and enjoy!

Alternative Things To Do in Hay on Wye

Hay on Wye is known for walking and for books, but if you aren’t into either of those leisure pursuits you might like some of the other things the town offers.

Indie Shopping

I love going to Hay on Wye for a day’s poking around in the shops there. There are some great independent gift shops and I can always find something a little bit different for a friend’s birthday or an anniversary gift for one of the family. When I go to Hay on Wye I always try and park in the huge Oxford Road car park (4 hours for £2.50) and then walk down Backfold past the wonderful Wool & Willow’s shop and turn right on reaching Castle Street. I can then mooch along popping in and out of the different shops depending on what I am looking for.

Thursday is market day and the town is really buzzing then which is lovely, but it is worth getting there a bit earlier to make sure you get a car parking space.

Alternative Things To Do in Hay on Wye - Great place for independent gift shops
Alternative Things To Do in Hay on Wye - Hay on Wye Castle

Art and Antiques

The Lion Gallery in Hay on Wye is one of our favourite places to visit when we go to the town. What we love most about it, is we know that if we fall in love with a painting, we may be allowed to take it home and hang it on the wall to see if it ‘works’ in the house. How brilliant is that? There is always something new and different to admire in the gallery and a visit to Hay on Wye is not complete unless we put our heads around their door.

There is no shortage of antique shops in the town although they don’t yet rival the book shops!  We don’t really have a favourite though.

Foodie Favourites

Hay on Wye has a food festival in June and another one in November and both feature stalls showing off local producers’ wares. Fresh from the farms there are most things from meat to artisan bread to ice-cream - the best being Shepherds of course! Its the original sheep’s milk ice cream, an ice cream with less than 7% fat  - gotta be good for you we think! Their ice-cream parlour is bang slap in the centre of town, you can’t miss it. Or if ice-cream isn’t for you on a cold winter’s day there are plenty of award winning cafes, pubs and restaurants to dive into!


Alternative Things To Do in Hay on Wye - Paralympian Josie Pearson's Gold Post Box

Hay on Wye has its own gold post box in honour of Paralympian Josie Pearson from the 2012 Olympics too! Have you been to Hay? What did you like doing best?

17th January 2017

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Treasure Trails Photo Awards 2016

Every year we receive heaps of photos via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram of you, our lovely Trailers, out and about exploring, solving clues and having fun! This year, there were so many great photographs that we decided to create the TT Photo Awards 2016!

And the winners are...

TT Photo Awards 2016

Best Use of a Clipboard

Photo posted on Facebook by Mo Pullen - Shrewsbury Murder Mystery Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Best Use of a Clipboard

Best Pirate Crew

Photo posted on Facebook by Lee Smith - Bridlington Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Best Pirate Crew

Best Concentrating while Solving a Clue

Photo posted on Instagram by @lettherebepics - London Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Best Concentrating while Solving a Clue

Best Thumbs Up

Photo posted on Facebook by Katy Lyon - Bugsworth Basin Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Best Thumbs Up

Best Studying of a Statue

Photo posted on Facebook by Lorna Shearer - Stratford upon Avon Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards - Best Studying of a Statue

Best Happy Family Snapshot

Photo posted on Facebook by Natacha Robbins - Wendover Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Best Happy Family Snapshot

Best Afterdark Shot

Photo posted on Twitter by @matt_chambault - Maidenhead Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Best Afterdark Shot

Best Trail Montage

Photo posted on Instagram by @_vickydias_ - Greenwich Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Best Trail Montage

Best Big Kids on the Trail

Photo posted on Facebook by Lorraine Stone - Whitney Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Big Kids on the Trail

Best Shades

Photo posted on Instagram by @e_bilts - Bankside Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Best Shades

Best 'Oops' Moment

Photo posted on Instagram by @georgeparky - Cardiff Treasure Trail

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Best 'Oops' Moment

Nominees - Favourite Photo of 2016

Photos via A - Instagram @rhittwoo, B - Faceook by Cath Lister, C - Instagram @_mrsthompson, D - Instagram @parmaku

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Favourite Photo Nominees

Winner - Favourite Photo of 2016

We asked all our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ to vote and with 56% of the vote, the winner was this photo from Seaton in Devon posted on Instagram by @rhittwoo

TT Photo Awards 2016 - Winner - Favourite Photo of 2016

As well as the kudos of receiving the above awards, all photo posters above have also been awarded a free Trail download of their choice!

Thanks to everyone who kindly shared their photos - we love seeing them and look foward to enjoying many more so keep 'em coming! You can view many of the photos we received in 2016 here.

Happy snapping and Trailing in 2017!

16th January 2017

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5 Tips for a Cost-Effective Break in London

Whether you’re considering a last-minute winter break or are already filling up your diary for 2017, we’re bringing you some top tips for a cost-effective break in the capital.

As England’s capital, London is a vibrant hub of culture and diversity - so it’s little wonder the city continues to bring in record-breaking numbers of tourists each year. From pounding the pavement on Oxford Street to trying typical tourist activities, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you choose to take a trip to London.

5 Tips for a Cost-Effective Break in London - Welcome to to Paul's

Explore Discount Sites

From cocktail classes and club entry to afternoon tea and city tours, you’ll find plenty of savings online by shopping on discount sites ahead of your trip. You can often find group discounts online and if you shop around, you can find some big savings on things that may otherwise have cost you a small fortune. If you’re keen to pack plenty of activities into your trip, why not choose to eat in restaurants that offer discounts and are close to where your activities are? This way, you’ll be able to spend less time and money travelling around the city.

Find out more: groupon.co.uk


Find Affordable Accommodation

When planning your weekend city break, your accommodation choices will largely depend on two factors: who you’re travelling with and how far your budget can stretch. Many people book bundle trips online, combining the cost of the journey into the capital with the price of accommodation - but this often leads to tourists paying over the odds. If you can book your train, plane or bus tickets in advance, it’s well worth exploring accommodation separately.

While hotels might seem like the most obvious choice when it comes to lodgings, there are a number of other options that might just help you avoid eating into your budget and leave you more cash for your time in the capital. If you’re travelling in a group, it’s worth considering hiring an apartment - where you can benefit from a private kitchen, bathroom and lounge area, and could end up paying far less than you would for a hotel stay.

Find out more: ownersdirect.co.uk or AirBnB


Invest in an Oyster Card

Once in the heart of the city, you’ll find new and exciting experiences on every corner, but getting across London can be a little trickier. Travel can be expensive, so avoid falling into the tourist traps by planning how you’ll navigate your way around the city in advance. The Tube is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to travel. You can pick up an Oyster card from almost any underground station and simply use the ticket machines to select how much you think you’ll spend during the course of your trip. It’s always better to overestimate, as you’ll be refunded any remaining budget - and the cost of the Oyster card (£5) - at the end of your stay.

Find out more: gov.uk


5 Tips for a Cost-Effective Break in London - Going Underground...

Bag Last-Minute Bargains

While it often pays to buy in advance, you can also miss out on some great deals. If you’re considering going to see a West End show, resist the urge to buy your tickets ahead of time and wait until the day. There are a number of stands in Leicester Square where you can buy discounted tickets on the day for a selection of London’s most famous shows - and you can often get really great seats, too!

Find out more: tkts.co.uk


Hunt Down the Freebies

There are tons of free things to do in London - you just need to know where to look. If you want to find out more about the city, you can take part in free, guided city walks, where you’ll be regaled with tales of London’s history. If you’re visiting the capital with little ones, there’s plenty to keep them entertained, too. From exploring the Natural History Museum to experiencing the ultimate muggle treat - a chance to push a trolley through the wall at King’s Cross - your kids will love their time in London as much as you do.

Find out more here: visitlondon.com


So, there you have it: 5 cost-effective tips for making the most of your next trip to London!

3rd January 2017

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The Treasure Trails Christmas Pantomime – Part 3

"So here it is, Merry Christmas, Everybody's Having Fun"...


FINALLY - the trilogy is complete!

Step aside Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and The Godfather, there is a new epic trilogy in town!

Have a look at the third and final part of our pantomime puzzle, which will lead you to a fantastic "present finding" treasure hunt game to set your loved ones this Christmas!

The Treasure Trails Christmas Pantomime - Part 3: Poor Mince Pie Private Eye.

Even when he escapes to a sun drenched holiday destination, he can't avoid the pestering of the Treasure Trails team to come up with fantastic fun ideas, puzzles and games!

Still, at least he's earning his crust*.


* © the Bad Cracker Jokes Corp 1972.

Now you've watched the final video - why not download the Christmas game!

Click the banner below for your fantastic festive treat:

15th December 2016

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Wish You Were Here? Bash Those Winter Blues

In this puzzle we're going to whisk you away from turkey leftovers and the British winter, and take you on a globe-trotting holiday around the world! On the way you'll need to complete a crossword with a secret location hidden within the answers. We're calling it a CrossWorld©.

Winter blues

Two things have provided the inspiration for the final puzzle of the year...

The first was seeing an advert for a sunshine getaway break on Christmas Day. The second was a roll of crossword toilet paper that someone sent to the office as a secret Santa gift!

Important note

You will probably need to use a computer or a laptop to solve this puzzle as it uses Google Streetview. By all means try it on a phone or tablet, but you may find the maps struggle to load.

How to solve the CrossWorld© puzzle

Each of the clues in the CrossWorld© puzzle contains a link to a Google Street View scene in a sunny location somewhere in the world. Go to the location and have a look around to find the answer to the question. The answer is close by, so you won’t have to move far - just look up, down and all around.

Find the answer and enter it in the crossword. When you have solved all the clues take the shaded letters and rearrange them to form a new secret location. This is your final answer.


The clues

Click on the image below to load Google Streetview within the Treasure Trails website (loads on a separate web page). Please note that this may not work on some mobile and tablet devices.


1. (Phuket, Thailand) - What is two up from James Bond?

3. (The Burj Kalifa, Dubai) - Who is Dean’s partner in the café?

5. (Sifnos, Greece) -  At the top of the list is bread. What is at the bottom?  

6. (Machu Picchu, Peru) - ‘Viva La’ what?   

8. (Sydney, Australia) - The ‘what’ is a history about love, loyalty and broken promises?  

9. (Disneyland, Florida) - What royal can you find here? 


To solve the next clue, use the 360 degree view and zoom function only (i.e. don't click on one of the arrows to move forward).

1. (St Lucia) - What famous fictional creature can you find here?  

2. (The Seychelles) - Find the sail boats. Take the individual digits on one of the boats (they are the same) and add these together. Write your answer in words.  

4. (Mauritius) - Where should you book?

7. (Table Mountain, South Africa) - What gorge is below Castle Rock?

Solved it, or just need to know the answer?!

Enter your answer by clicking on the button below and we will let you know if you are correct or not, along with how the final answer can be reached.

On the 30th January 2017 we will draw 5 correct answers at random to win a Treasure Trail of their choice!




12th December 2016

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The Treasure Trails Christmas Pantomime – Part 2

"Christmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine..."


Well, this year's winter weather hasn't been great again, so rather than go out and write our 1,237th Trail in the rain, we decided to get a bit carried away with The Treasure Trails Christmas Pantomime - Part 2 - our funtastic free Christmas pantomime puzzle!

Can Mince Pie Private Eye win his adorable wife Pumpkin's affections with a lovely cocktail or two?

Watch the video below to find out and help solve the clues...

Now you've watched the second part of the Treasure Trails Pantomime, click the image below to download the cocktail menu - Can you work out what put the smile on Mince Pie Private Eye's lovely crusty little face?

8th December 2016

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5 Family-Friendly Activities in Newcastle upon Tyne

5 Family-Friendly Activities in Newcastle upon Tyne - Newcastle is famed for its iconic architecture, wealth of rich history and vibrant nightlife, but this dynamic city is also packed full of an array of hidden gems that are waiting to be uncovered. Whether you want to make the most of the great outdoors or explore one of the city’s amazing museums, Newcastle upon Tyne is brimming with cultural activities that are perfect for all the family.

One of the best things about spending a long weekend in Newcastle is exploring the exciting activities the city has to offer. That’s why we’re bringing you a handful of family-favourites and hidden gems, so you can make the most of your time in this mesmerising metropolis. From enjoying the arts to getting up close and personal with nature, we’re showing you why a city break to Newcastle is the perfect choice for your next family getaway.

5 Family-Friendly Activities in Newcastle upon Tyne

Take a trip to the Life Centre

Getting the kids interested in science couldn’t be easier with this fun, family-friendly museum. Located in the heart of the city, it is just minutes from Newcastle Central Station. The Life Science Centre provides an interactive experience that the whole family is sure to love. It boasts an impressive portfolio of attractions - like the 4D motion ride, live science theatre and planetarium.  Visitors of all ages will find plenty of things to see and do here. For a winter break, make sure you take a trip to the Centre’s outstanding outdoor ice rink, open in Times Square from November to February.

Experience the world-famous living museum

Travel just 10 miles south from the bustling city centre to discover Beamish, the world-famous open-air museum. Step back in time and interact with live actors as you explore the story of life in the North East during the 1820s, 1900s and 1940s. From shopping in the Edwardian-style town to travelling on the recreated tramways, combining fun with learning makes Beamish an excellent choice for the whole family.

5 Family-Friendly Activities in Newcastle upon Tyne - Get close to nature...

Get close to nature at Jesmond Dene Park

This city is buzzing with history, heritage and stunning natural beauty at every turn - and that’s certainly true of the beautiful parkland of Jesmond Dene. Just a stone’s throw from the bustling city centre, and minutes from the affluent suburb of Jesmond. Stumbling across this unique haven of tranquility is an experience that you are sure to remember. From the rich history that surrounds the Dene’s Old Mill to the popular family-friendly petting zoo in the heart of the parkland, there’s plenty to explore in this area of breathtaking natural beauty.

Celebrate creativity at Seven Stories

Situated in Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley, Seven Stories is the National Centre for Children’s Books. From dressing up to getting creative with word play, Seven Stories is a hidden hotspot that’s dedicated to sparking the imaginations of visitors. Home to a visually spectacular display of original illustrations, manuscripts and multi-sensory activities, this unique museum celebrates British children’s books in an interactive way that’s fun for all the family.

Learn to ride at Stepney Bank Stables

Whether you’re an avid horse-rider or a complete novice, Stepney Bank Stables offers high quality riding lessons to both adults and children. Making it their mission to enhance lives through horses, the staff at this unique equestrian centre are committed to teaching valuable skills and encouraging confidence in each of their students. From the pony academy to private lessons, Stepney Bank Stables offers a family day out that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Whether it’s exploring the city’s natural beauty or marvelling at interactive museum displays, Newcastle upon Tyne’s family-friendly activities are fun for all. From well-known attractions to the hidden treasures, make sure that you explore all that this stunning city has to offer this winter.

6th December 2016

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The Treasure Trails Christmas Pantomime – Part 1

"Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun"...


The nights are long, dark and frosty. The fire is roaring in the hearth.

The boxes of Festive chocolates that Dad has said you can't touch until Christmas Day are all lined up on the sideboard that's a little bit close to the fire and are all melting a bit...

It can only mean one thing - until Santa finally gets wedged in your chimney this Christmas Eve, the fabulous The Treasure Trails Christmas Pantomime - Part 1 is here to divert your attention away from that slightly misshapen Toblerone!

So sit back with a glass of steaming eggnog and enjoy the adventures of Mince Pie Private Eye - let's see if you can help him solve all the riddles...

The Treasure Trails Christmas Pantomime - Part 1 - The Last Christmas Posting Dates for 2016
The Treasure Trails Christmas Pantomime - Part 1 - You can still download a great last minute Treasure Trail or Gift Voucher

So, did you enjoy the video?

(Of course the answer is "Oh yes you did...")

Now that you've watched part 1 of Mince's Holiday, click the link below to help him solve the Puzzle...

1st December 2016

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Lucky Santa – Secret Santa with a Treasure Trails Twist!

Lucky Santa - the new Secret Santa!

We love Secret Santa at Treasure Trails - it’s our favourite office ‘get together’ of the year! The only problem for us is that it takes such a long time to find all the presents. That's because everyone insists on hiding them with clues!

This year we’ve made Secret Santa even more fun by giving it the Treasure Trails treatment... we are calling it ‘Lucky Santa’!

'Lucky Santa' utilises the forces of luck and destiny to determine which present you receive, if any! Furthermore, not only could you win or lose your present but you could also win a cash prize or a bucket load of chocolate! It’s all up to Lady Luck (and Father Christmas) to decide your fate.

Here's How it Works

  1. Every member of the family (or office/group) agrees to buy a present for a set value (we suggest £5 to £10). The present can be anything and should not be bought for a particular person. When choosing a present people need to remember that they could end up with the present themselves!
  2. Everyone must wrap their present in a way that disguises what it is.
  3. On the day of your ‘Lucky Santa’ event, all players must bring their wrapped present. They must also bring along £2 and a bar of chocolate of their choice. You need to decide whether you want to play using the online digital generator we have provided below or play the traditional way, offline. If playing offline, you will need a coin, a dice, and a pack of cards. You will also need to print out the roulette table.
  4. Clear a table and put all the presents together, along with a sheet of paper with the words 'Present Pot' written on it.
  5. Then put all of the £2 entry fees together, along with a sheet of paper with the words 'Cash Pot' written on it.
  6. Finally, put all of the chocolate bars together in a pile, along with a sheet of paper with the words 'Chocolate Pot' written on it.
  7. Players take it in turns to choose a present. The only rule is that they can’t choose their own present. If the last person to pick happens to be left with their own present, they will need to swap it with the person on their right.
  8. You are now ready to play! Lady Luck will determine what happens to the presents as each person plays the ‘Flip, Roll & Pick’ game as explained below.

Part 1 - 'Flip, Roll & Pick'!

‘Flip, Roll & Pick’ to get your Lucky Santa number. This can either be done using our online digital generator, or you can do it the traditional way and flip a coin, roll the dice and then pick a playing card – if you do it the traditional way, follow the flow chart further down the page to see which number Lady Luck has led you to. For the online digital generator, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Flip

Use our digital tool to flip a coin, or get one out your pocket and do it yourself!


Lucky Santa - Secret Santa with a Treasure Trails twist! Flip your Coin...

Step 2: Roll

Use our online tool to roll a dice, or if you have one to hand then do it the old fashioned way!


Lucky Santa - Secret Santa with a Treasure Trails twist! Roll your Dice...

Step 3: Pick

Use our online tool to pick a card colour, or get a pack of playing cards and pick a card at random.


Step 4: Your Number as determined by Lady Luck!

Finally, press on the button below to show which number Lady Luck has chosen for you, or if you have played the game the traditional way with a coin, dice and pack of cards - then follow the flow chart below to see which number Lady Luck has led you to.


Part 2 - The Roulette Table!

Using the roulette table below, check which 'Action' your number relates to and then follow the instructions given on the roulette table.

Once all the players have had their go, the final part is to share out the 'Present Pot', 'Cash Pot', and 'Chocolate Pot' to those names which are on the respective lists. If there is only one name on a list, that person receives everything in the pot. If there is more than one name, then the pot is split equally. In the unlikely event that any of the pots have no names, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with the pot in question; we recommend a raffle with one lucky winner receiving the whole pot!

The beauty of this game is that if you have lost your present, it is very likely that you will have either won some cash or won some chocolate, so you shouldn't be left disappointed. Depending on how many are playing it could also be that winning the cash pot might be more valuable than winning two presents!

Explanation of the Actions

There are 6 actions on the roulette table. Players must follow the action that corresponds to their number, even if they don’t want to! The rules for each action are as follows:

Action 1.

Choose someone and take their present.

In this action, the person should take someone else’s present and add it to their own.They cannot take a name from any of the Pot lists instead. The person who is losing their present should write their name on the Chocolate Pot list as compensation for losing their present!

Action 2.

Exchange your present with someone else.

You can either exchange your present for another present, or exchange your present with someone’s name on a list. In this action, the person can decide to simply swap their present with someone else, or they can swap their present with someone who has their name on one of the lists. In this instance, they give their present to the person on the list, cross out that name and replace it with their own.

Action 3.

Donate your present to the Present Pot and add your name to the Cash Pot list.

If the person who wins this has no present, they cannot add their name to the Cash Pot list.

Action 4.

Put your name on the Cash Pot list.

The person who wins this keeps any present they may have.

Action 5.

Put your name on the Chocolate Pot list.

The person who wins this keeps any present they may have.

Action 6.

Put your name on the Present Pot list.

The person who wins this keeps any present they may have.

23rd November 2016

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Scenic Walks by Water Near Aberystwyth

Scenic Walks by Water Near Aberystwyth - Walking by water is good for the soul. Glorious views are good too. Combine walking by water and fabulous views to get a double benefit! 

Mawddach Estuary

We recently enjoyed a fabulous walk along a section of the Mawddach Trail when we were staying in Aberdovey. This super walk is flat and easy and just 9.5 miles (15km). The route is along the disused railway track on the southern edge of the spectacular Mawddach estuary.

Whilst the trail can be joined at several points it officially starts at the picturesque market town of Dolgellau. At the end, you cross the iconic railway bridge over the mouth of the estuary into Barmouth. The day we did the walk, there were lots of cyclists using it too, but the path is wide enough to share! What we loved about it was the views across the water and the history.

Directly across the estuary you can see the hills which were at the centre of the Welsh Gold Rush in the 19th century. Gold was discovered in the area when prospectors were drilling for copper in 1834. Many mines were opened with fortune seekers flooding the area from 1860 to 1902. Welsh gold found here is renowned for its brilliant light colour. It is traditionally used for wedding rings for our royal family.

Scenic Walks by Water Near Aberystwyth - Mawddach Estuary
Scenic Walks by Water Near Aberystwyth - Borth to Aberystwyth

Borth to Aberystwyth

A while ago, we stayed in Borth, just south of Aberdovey and walked from there to Aberystwyth.  The walk along the coast isn’t too difficult. It is a bit up and down due to the cliffs, but it is only about 6 miles (9.5km).

On a beautiful day you can see for miles across the water and if you are really lucky you may see wildlife in the water.  Although you could walk to Aberystwyth, have a coffee or lunch and then walk back again, we decided to catch the train back.

This was where the fun started, we realised that neither of us had any money on us - our wallet and purse were in Borth! There was no way I was going to walk all the way back, so we popped into a local branch of our bank, explained our predicament and incredibly they gave us enough cash for lunch and a train ticket each!

It must have our lucky day, we saw dolphins that day from the pier at Aberystwyth too.

Borth Beach and Ynyslas Nature Reserve

The last walk I want to share is along the beach at Borth to the petrified forest and nature reserve. The submerged forest is usually visible at a very low tide. The stumps of the oak, pine, birch, willow and hazel trees have been stripped back by tides and waves for thousands of years. They are a stunning sight.

The trees, which are thought to have died around 1500BC, have been preserved by the acid conditions in the peat of the land and are the stuff of legends and songs.

Beyond them are the sand dunes and the Ynyslas Nature Reserve. This is the feeding ground for thousands of wading birds and the home for some rare plants and insects. We loved it when we visited although I must warn you, it can be incredibly windy up on the dunes. Parts of the dunes may be roped off in spring and early summer to protect rare ring plover eggs, which are laid directly on the sand.  When you look out to sea, you may see dolphins.

We saw neither eggs nor dolphins that day, but we did have a brilliant, memorable time.

Scenic Walks by Water Near Aberystwyth - Borth Beach and Ynyslas Nature Reserve

What are your favourite walks by water? We’d love to hear about them.

22nd November 2016

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