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Walk Through History in LEGO Bricks

We were really lucky to have had the chance to see the Brick History exhibition recently. It is touring Britain so do try and see it if you can!

The Artist

We saw the exhibition at the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery.

According to a description on the wall, Warren Elsmore loves Lego. He spends his days creating models with the little plastic bricks. He has written books on Lego and takes commissions to recreate places, objects and events.

I love that his Twitter description says “and yes I do get to play with LEGO for a living”.

The exhibition is a whistle stop history tour.

Walk Through History in LEGO Bricks - The Artist
Walk Through History in LEGO Bricks - The Exhibition

The Exhibition

The exhibition itself is fascinating. It is divided into various sections - equality, exploration, transport, arts and conflict. There are models of events such as the handover of Hong Kong. The destruction of Pompeii and the first London underground train.

The detail is amazing and the use of the different bricks is incredible.

I always think of LEGO as bricks that hurt when you stand on them!

Warren and his team have created landscapes and they’ve used oblong and rectangular bricks to create curves. Really inspired to get out the box of LEGO I’ve been storing for the last umpteen years!

The Local Input

What I really loved was that the museum has placed a local Herefordian LEGO character in a standard display case.

We searched for characters as diverse as King Ethelbert to Jessica Raine. Also Ellie Goulding to Frank Oz, the voice of Yoda in Star Wars. And lots more!

There are also LEGO models all around the city to find. It was great fun to see the current mayor and a woolly mammoth sharing their space.

Walk Through History in LEGO Bricks - The Local Input
Walk Through History in LEGO Bricks - Did You Know

Did You Know

  • 2.16 million bricks are moulded every hour.
  • Laid end to end, the number of bricks sold in a year would reach more than 5 times around the world.
  • LEGO mini figures are the world’s largest population with over 4 billion of them around the world.
  • On average there are 80 LEGO bricks for every person on earth.
  • The world’s tallest LEGO tower is  made from 465,000 bricks and is 28.7m high.

Phew that’s a lot of LEGO!

Apparently, the exhibition will also visit Derby, Greenham Common and Norwich later this year and next. Click here for the dates.

Do let us know if you get a chance to see it.

9th May 2019

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Take on a Treasure Hunt this May Half Term

Potential privateers and budding buccaneers need to prepare for a swashbuckling adventure with Treasure Trails this May Half Term.

The Treasure Trails Crew have gathered their Top 10 Treasure Hunt themed Trails throughout the UK for you to try.

The Treasure Trails Pirates

Top 10 Treasure Hunt Themed Trails

Explore the cobbles, country and coast of the UK whilst looking for clues with your crew. Uncover X marks the spot and possibly claim some pirate booty!

Gather your crew-mates and head out on a Treasure Hunt exploring the ancient head of the Pilgrim’s Way - once the main trade route between London and Canterbury.

Head to this Cornish filming location and spot clues in Doc Martin’s hometown and the fishing village where it all began for now film stars Fisherman’s Friends. As you head down to the harbour see where fisherman still land their catch and follow the South West Coast Path along the cliff tops.

Hunt along the old cobbled streets of Bath and discover a tale bound in maps which have recently landed from Tortuga, a pirate’s paradise! One University professor is convinced the map leads to the lost loot of ‘Nachos Itza’…

Young pirates can try their hand at punting in this University town. Old records show treasure was buried somewhere in the city, can you follow the clues and uncover its location?

Treasure hunters will need to cast their eye across gardens, a park and All Saints Church on this Treasure Trail exploring Marlow town centre.

Discover the location of the buried treasure on this truly nautical waterfront Trail which leads you through the newly developed Maritime Quarter, explore locks and bridges and historic ship yards.

This easy to navigate Trail follows the Golden Mile passing the Pleasure Beach and detouring through the town centre, including the infamous rock shops.

Hunt for treasure in County Durham’s only seaside town. Explore the seafront promenade, woodland areas and St Mary’s Church which is one of the oldest in the UK!

Buckle your kilt and prepare for adventure! Legend has it that Scottish Nobleman James Hepburn dabbled in a little piracy during the 1500’s however nobody has ever discovered his Treasure, will it be your crew?

Notorious highway-woman, Peg Sleddle, was lost at sea during a storm and it is rumoured she took the location of her buried treasure with her. However, a map directing you to the lost loot has been discovered, will you uncover the treasure?

1st May 2019

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