Summer Spectacular

Summer Spectacular

They say you should start and end with something positive and squeeze the negative in the middle. So…Summer is here! It's totally awesome - long days, shorts replace jumpers, the colours are lovely, the sky is blue, and there are so many things you can do (hey, that rhymes!).

For parents, though, it’s six weeks of required entertainment which squeeze the wallet and the patience. We’re parents. We get it.

So, this summer, we've created our scrumptiously sizzling summer ideas, packed full of original things to try with your family to make your summer spectacular. And hey, just like a Treasure Trail – you don’t need kids to remember what having fun is actually like! 😁

Each week has seven new ideas for you. Some are simple, some perhaps not, but all are great fun and (mostly) FREE to do! We’ll even throw in some puzzles for those rainy days.

Week One

Highlights include...

This week is International Joke Day, Wimbledon and World Chocolate Day. Have we been crazy enough to try to combine all three in one? Well, a game of tennis while eating chocolate would create a laugh! That’s not our suggestion, though – click below to see what's we've got in store for you!

Summer Spectacular Week One

Week Two

Highlights include...

Hello! Halò! Shwmae! Dia Duit! 👋 How are we celebrating Black Country Day? Click below to find out! This week there are even more superb summer activity ideas to try, plus a brand-new puzzle that will take you on a whirlwind tour of some of the UK's living history museums.

Summer Spectacular Week Two

Week Three

Highlights include...

Having World Ice Cream Day, Emoji Day and Listening Day in one week is 100% permission to go sit on a bench and listen to the world going by while eating lots of 🍦🍦🍦! What else can you look forward to this week? You'll have to click the button below to find out!

Summer Spectacular Week Three

Week Four

Highlights include...

Do you know how to be a TOP super sleuth? It's National Detective Day this week - the perfect opportunity to put your investigative skills to the test. Click the button below for seven more fun ideas, a brand-new puzzle AND the chance to unlock a Trail Blazer badge!

Summer Spectacular Week Four

Week Five

Highlights include...

It's the halfway point of your spectacular summer! This week, we're saying goodbye to July, spending time with our friends for the International Day of Friendship, and exploring quirky ways to explore new places and see them from a different angle. Plus, Teresa Trayals needs your help once again in another puzzle...

Summer Spectacular Week Five

Week Six

Highlights include...

This week is Afternoon Tea Week, which basically means making time for a cake break every day...right? From cakes to crowns and creepy crawlies, there are seven exciting activity ideas to tackle, as well as a brand-new rainy-day puzzle. Let's make August awesome!

Summer Spectacular Week Six

Week Seven

Highlights include...

It's International Youth Day - is there a better excuse to act like the biggest kid this summer?! Remember, you don't have to be a kid to have fun with these activity prompts - perfect for kidults too. Take a peek to see what fun ideas are on the cards this week.

Summer Spectacular Week Seven

Week Eight

Highlights include...

Cameras at the ready! We're determined to capture our summer fun this week for World Photography Day, plus there's another brand-new puzzle to crack. Click the button below to see what we've got up our sleeves for the penultimate week of summer fun.

Summer Spectacular Week Eight

Week Nine

Highlights include...

Can you believe that the summer is almost over? Don't worry, there's still bank holiday fun to look forward to, and your spectacular summer will go out with a bang with these final seven activities. No spoilers, though! Click below to unlock your final prompts...

Summer Spectacular Week Nine

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