Summer Spectacular: Week Six

Summer Spectacular Week Six

To help keep your holidays super fun, creative and budget friendly, there will be 63 unique activity ideas to unlock. Each week, another seven ideas, plus a puzzle, will be released. This is Week Six. Check out the full schedule here. We hope you find some great ideas to keep you entertained!

This week is Afternoon Tea Week, which basically means making time for a cake break every day...right? From cakes to crowns and creepy crawlies, there are seven exciting activity ideas to tackle.

Plus, in case of rainy weather, there's a brand-new puzzle for you to crack. Teresa Trayals is trying to prepare an afternoon tea fit for royalty, but the fridge is locked, and she doesn't know the code! Can you help her identify the five digits she needs to access the tasty treats? Check the answers here when you've solved it.

Here are the seven activities for this week...

Saturday 5th August

Inspect your garden or a nearby park and play nature bingo! Find a fun worksheet online with a variety of different things to spot, like plants, animals and creepie crawlies. See how many you can find - will you manage a line or maybe even a full house? If you want to learn more about the flora and fauna in your area, there are plenty of apps and websites to help.

If you want to improve your observation skills and make a difference, see if there's a national survey you can help with, like the Big Butterfly Count, which ends tomorrow, or the Big Seaweed Search.

Play nature bingo

Sunday 6th August

Visit somewhere with plenty of second-hand and antique shops, split into teams, set a budget and have a bargain-hunting afternoon. You could either do this with a real-money budget and purchase each item, or just track your progress with photographs (making sure to get a picture of the item and the price tag).

The goal is to find the best bargains with your set budget - meaning that the price is low or reasonable for the quality of the item, not just lots of super cheap items. As a bonus challenge, what is the cheapest item and the most expensive item you can find? Photograph them to share with your rival team.

Host an antiques shop challenge

Monday 7th August

Grab your aprons, team - it's time to get baking! Gather your friends or family and host a bake-off morning.

Pick a theme - like bread, cake, pastry or biscuits - and have everyone find a different recipe they'd like to try. Have everyone complete their bakes, then come together to taste test. Give yourselves extra points for design – make it eye-catching - and uniqueness.

While you're waiting for your dough to rise or your biscuits to go golden, Teresa Trayals needs some help with her very important afternoon tea mission in this brand-new puzzle.

Get baking!

Tuesday 8th August

Discover the oldest town, city or manmade landmark (like ancient ruins) in your county. Then, make a plan to visit it. What historical highlights are important to see while you're there? Think oldest buildings, city walls, churches, etc.

Or, flip the activity around and discover the newest town or village in your county (meaning a full town/village, not just a new-build estate). Have they installed any 'historical' landmarks, like monuments and plaques, or have they chosen to display public art in a different way?

Visit the oldest town in your area

Wednesday 9th August

It's time for a right royal activity! Research a monarch that intrigues you and do a project on them. Try picking one that you don't already know a lot about, and who isn't often studied in history class and documentaries (so, preferably not Henry VIII or Victoria). You could pick an international monarch if you'd prefer.

Your project could be a profile, a list of quirky facts, a report, a collage, or even a play! You might also want to come up with some facts from the world around them - key dates that occurred in their lifetime, popular music, recipes, etc.

Research an interesting monarch

Thursday 10th August

It may feel like the height of summer right now, but it'll be autumn in just over a month! Which means a lot is going to change in nature over the coming weeks.

Take a photo of your favourite outdoor spot in your local town or city. Make plans to visit and photograph the same spot every month for the rest of the year and see how it changes with the seasons. What plants spring up or disappear? Is there different wildlife now?

For a more subtle change, try visiting once a week instead of once a month.

Photograph your favourite spot

Friday 11th August

Visit a capital city - it could be the capital of your nation (London, Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast), or a capital/county town in your local county.

What are some of the landmarks that you spot as you explore? Is there a must-see sight? Can you unearth anything about the history and heritage of the city? Keep your eyes peeled and try to notice everything.

If you live in a capital, explore the next closest one and investigate the differences.

Explore a capital city

Looking for even more ideas?

Every Saturday, a new week of fun ideas will be unlocked. This is week six, and five weeks of ideas are already available - check the main page to see what you've missed!

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