Summer Spectacular: Week One

Summer Spectacular Week One

Happy July! Are you ready to kick start your spectacular summer?

To help keep your holidays super fun, creative and budget friendly, there will be 63 unique activity ideas to unlock. Each week, another seven ideas, plus a puzzle, will be released. This is Week One. Check out the full schedule here. We hope you find some great ideas to keep you entertained!

If you dig deep enough (don’t worry, we've done this for you), you can pretty much find a “National Day” for anything! So, we've got seven quirky activities for you to try this week, some inspired by those wacky days. This week is...

  • 1st July - International Joke Day
  • 2nd July - World UFO Day
  • 3rd July - First day of Wimbledon
  • 4th July - Alice in Wonderland Day
  • 7th July - World Chocolate Day

Plus, in case of rainy weather, there's a puzzle for you to crack. Teresa Trayals thinks there's a top treat time, which is exactly when she'll stop for a chocolate break when she's on an adventure. Can you crack the clues to figure out when treat time is? Check the answers here when you've solved it.

Here are the seven activity ideas for this week...

Saturday 1st July

Here at Treasure Trails, we love a good giggle, especially on International Joke Day!

That's why our Resident Pun Master - Tristan - came up with these 74 cheesy jokes to put a smile on your face.

Today, make it your mission to make someone laugh! You could test out a new joke (or even one of Tristan's), pull silly faces or show them a funny video.

Make someone laugh!

Sunday 2nd July

This evening, pack snacks, supplies and a telescope (if you have one), and set off for some stargazing. Make sure to pick a spot with as little artificial light as possible, or even visit a Dark Skies Reserve if you're near one.

Note down the names of all constellations, planets and/or stars that you spot - there are lots of apps to help with identification if you need it.

Keep a sharp eye out for little green men - it is World UFO Day, after all!

Go stargazing

Monday 3rd July

It's the first day of Wimbledon - two weeks filled with tennis, friendly competition and, of course, strawberries and cream!

In honour of this sports fest, grab your friends and head to a local park to host a fantastically fun sports day. We're talking three-legged race, egg and spoon, sack race - all the classics that made school sports days a hoot!

You could even up the ante and create a brand-new event (chocolate tennis, anyone?!), or put a unique twist on a traditional event, like we've done.

Host a sports day

Tuesday 4th July

Callooh! Callay! It's Alice in Wonderland Day! A day for celebrating all things topsy-turvy and nonsensical.

As well as tales of Alice's adventures, Lewis Carroll wrote poetry, like the nonsense poem "Jabberwocky". He was also the first person to use the term 'portmanteau' to mean a word that blends two words and their meanings together (like frumious, meaning fuming and furious).

Can you write your own nonsense poem? Try to include at least three portmanteaus, plus some silly rhymes and maybe even a made-up word or two!

Write a nonsensical poem

Wednesday 5th July

Did you know that the oldest building in Britain was built in 3700 BC?!

Knap of Howar is a Neolithic farmstead on Orkney and may even be the oldest preserved stone house in Northern Europe. 

There's a never-ending list of historical sites here in the UK. Discover the oldest building or landmark in your county, and plan a trip to see it this summer.

Find your oldest local landmark

Thursday 6th July

Be the star of the show and explore a filming location from a TV show or movie you love. How many spots can you recognise? Can you recall the scenes?

When you get home, watch something that was recorded there.

Need inspiration? We've already picked six of our favourite TV locations and five of our favourite movie locations for you to check out!

Explore a filming location

Friday 7th July

For World Chocolate Day, you can't get much more fun (or messy) than playing 'The Chocolate Game', a hilarious game that's always a birthday party favourite! All you need is a group of chocolate lovers, a pile of clothes (including a pair of gloves), cutlery and a chocolate bar. If you don't know how to play already, you can find the instructions here.

For more indoor chocolatey fun, solve this puzzle to figure out Teresa Trayals' perfect treat time.

Play 'The Chocolate Game'

Looking for even more ideas?

This is just the first week of fun activities to make your summer spectacular! There are 56 more activity ideas and eight puzzles still to come.

Every Saturday, the next week of fun ideas will be unlocked - check the main page to see what you've missed and when more will be available.