Mission Impawssible

When the team at TT Towers heard there was a competition running to track down the best covert tracker dog in the UK, they knew they had to enter their four-legged friends. And with their experience, it was no surprise that all seven dogs made it to the Mission Impawssible final...but that's where it all went wrong.

Well-meaning apprentice Honor Lead thought removing the dogs' collars would make the final fairer. That way, the judges wouldn't pick the winner based on their favourite TT Towers member. But, she forgot to note down which dog belonged to who, and the information provided by the TT team on sign-up is all in code! Honor is desperate to solve this conundrum before everyone finds out and she gets into trouble. Can you help her crack this puzzle?

The puzzle

Click the button below to access the puzzle. Solve the six ciphers to reveal the dog breeds, then slot them into the crossword grid to match them with their owner. If you do this correctly, the shaded boxes, when rearranged, will reveal the seventh dog belonging to Kylie.

Once you've got all seven dog breeds, line them up in alphabetical order. The fourth pooch on your list is the winner! Let us know who they belong to so we can pass along the good news and send the champions to collect their prize.

Solved it?

Think you've figured out which dog belongs to which owner, and who the winner is? Enter your answer below to see if you're right!

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