Dog-friendly days out with Treasure Trails

Get out there on a dog-friendly Trail adventure

Are Treasure Trails dog-friendly?

We’re often asked if Treasure Trails are suitable for canine companions. We always find dog suitability a tricky question to answer as we feel it is subjective!

Most of our Trails are based entirely outdoors but are likely to feature built-up areas, so they may only be suitable for dogs kept on leads.

Some routes do visit beaches, green spaces and woodlands along the way, where you can let your sniffer dog off the lead to stretch their legs and hunt down the next clue.

While none of our Trails enter private land, there may be clues featured in areas where dogs aren't allowed (such as parks or churchyards). This would mean that a member of your group will need to wait with your dog whilst the clues are being found.

However, it’s super easy to find out which Trails in your area are totally dog friendly with the advanced filter. Find out how to do this below. 

Using the advanced filter

In the menu, click on 'Buy a Trail' and select the region you'd like to explore, or enter a place into the search bar to see all Trails within 30 miles.

Then, click on 'Filter' just above the map. An advanced filter menu will pop out on the left-hand side of the page.

If you tick 'Dog Friendly' and submit filters, you'll be able to see all dog-friendly Trails in that region. You can even narrow it down to Trail theme, type and accessibility for wheelchairs and pushchairs too.

When you click on the Trail you'd like to try, make sure you check the logos to see if it's fully dog friendly or dog friendly with restrictions. If the Trail page has a 'Before you set off' tab towards the bottom, it's worth checking this out to get some extra information on the route and facilities.

Not sure where to start?

Our top 15 dog-friendly Trails

To celebrate National Walk your Dog Month in January, we asked our Trail Writers to pick their favourite routes for explorers to take their tracker dogs on.

These locations are guaranteed to get your pooch's tail wagging, with plenty of smells for them to sniff out, exciting areas to stretch their legs in, and, of course, heaps of clues to unearth.

Check out our top 15 dog-friendly Trails for some exploration inspiration. 

More doggy resources

Get your squad and your sniffer dog ready to crack the case with these fun resources, stories and puzzles.

Mission Impawssible

Mission Impawssible - Can you help us crack this puzzle?

Put your deciphering skills to the test with the Mission Impawssible puzzle.

The team at TT Towers have entered their pooches into a competition to find the best covert tracker dog in the UK. But, well-meaning Honor Lead removed their collars to make the competition fair, and now can't remember which dog belongs to which owner!

Can you lend a hand and reveal the winning pup in the process?

Five tell-tail signs that your dog is a top explorer

Tell-tail signs that your dog is a top explorer

If you’ve ever taken your beloved pooch on a Treasure Trail, you might have thought they were just along for the walk and fresh air. Well, we’ve got some excellent news for you. Not only will your four-legged friend have a great time, but they can also help you on your quest, mission or investigation!

Discover the five reasons why dogs make great companions on an adventure and learn how you can hone their skills.

The amazing world of dogs

The amazing world of dogs

We love a good twisting tale or fascinating fact about dogs (and salty sea dogs, but they're not quite the same). But did you know that the Edinburgh Greyfriars backstory is based on a real-life faithful pup who has a statue in his honour? Or that some pooches are being trained to sniff out ancient artefacts?

Step into the amazing world of dogs to discover the brilliant dogs who've made a name for themselves, have discovered treasure troves and have important jobs to do.

Buddy's Virtual Trail

The amazing world of dogs

Calling all explorers! Buddy the Basset Hound needs your help to find his bone. Follow in his pawsteps around the globe to complete our Virtual Treasure Hunt! You’ll be let off the lead to search for answers on both sides of the pond. Solve all the clues, and Buddy will have his bone returned safely to him.

Don't let a rainy day get in the way of your adventures - grab a cuppa and head out to explore...with the help of Google Maps. Are you ready, Explorers?