Things to do in Southport Gardens Park and Pier - The Southport Southport Gardens Park and Pier Treasure Trail


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  • The Southport Gardens Park and Pier Murder Mystery Treasure Trail
  • Explore Southport Gardens Park and Pier
  • Things for families to do in Southport Gardens Park and Pier
  • What to do in Southport Gardens Park and Pier
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    • A Treasure Hunt themed driving and walking Treasure Trail around Southport Gardens Park and Pier
    • Ideal for discovering more about where you live or exploring somewhere new
    • Trails are done in your own time at your own pace
    • This Trail is approximately 2.5 miles walking, 4 miles driving and takes 3.5 hours to complete
    • This Trail is suitable for all ages from 6 - 106 (no children necessary!)
    • One Trail booklet is enough for 4-5 people
    • Chance to win some real Treasure! All correct answers are entered into the monthly £100 prize draw
    • Linear route Trail
    • Mobile phone text service for clue answers if you get stuck, ensuring that no mystery goes unsolved
    • This Trail can be sent to you in the post or downloaded today for instant Trailing fun!

The Southport Gardens Park and Pier Treasure Trail starts at:

Bankfield Lane

Trail starts in the Botanic Gardens where there are 7 clues in a rough anti-clockwise circle, then moves to Hesketh Park where there are 8 clues scattered throughout the park and finishes on the promenade to walk along the half-mile or so of the pier.

All three locations have opening hours, typically:

Botanic Gardens 9am – 4.30pm
Hesketh Park 5am – 10pm
Pier 11am – 5pm

Wheelchair users may have a longer route around Hesketh Park as there are a mixture of paths and steps but all clues should be possible.

This Trail can be done in conjunction with Southport Lord Street to make a day of it.