Are Treasure Trails a dog friendly day out?

We’re often asked if Treasure Trails are suitable for canine companions. We always find dog suitability a tricky question to answer as we feel it is subjective! Most of our Trails are based entirely outdoors but are likely to feature built-up areas, so they may only be suitable for dogs kept on leads. Some routes do visit beaches, green spaces and woodlands along the way where you can let your sniffer dog off the lead to stretch their legs and hunt down the next clue.

While none of our Trails enter private land, there may be clues featured in areas where dogs aren't allowed (such as parks or churchyards). This would mean that a member of your group will need to wait with your dog whilst the clues are being found.

However, it’s super easy to find out which Trails in your area are totally dog friendly! Take a peek at our complete list of dog-friendly adventures, all separated in handy drop-down region boxes. These are just the Trails that have no dog restrictions, so if you’re eying up a specific Trail adventure, feel free to give us a call or send us an email – the details can be found on our contact page - and we’ll let you know what restrictions you might face.

Dog friendly day out

Stuck for ideas of where to visit on your next dog-friendly adventure? To celebrate National Pet Month in April, we asked our Trail Writers to pick out their favourite routes so you can get some exploration inspiration with these top 15 dog-friendly walks.

As well as dog-friendly Trail routes, we love a good doggy backstory on our Trails, whether it’s the antics of the faithful boxer Trixie on the Amberley Trail, the mystery of dog trainer Ruby Dubidoux on the Aylsham Trail or delving into the real-life story of Bobby the Skye Terrier on the Edinburgh Greyfriars Trail. Of course, we’ve got a few backstories about salty seadogs, but they’re not quite the same… Jump into the amazing world of dogs for more pawsome facts and twisting tails about our favourite Trailing companions.

The TT Pup Parade

If you’ve ever taken your beloved pooch on a Treasure Trail, you may have thought that they were just along for the walk and fresh air. Well, we’ve got some great news for you! Not only will your four-legged friend have a great time, but they can help you on your quest, mission or investigation too!

There are five tell-tail signs that your dog is a top explorer and lots of fun ways that you can hone their skills to help you hunt down the sneaky Clues. The team at TT Towers, and some of the Trail Writers, too, often bring canine companions out when writing or fixing Trails – they’re all trained up to spot new Clue material!

Left to right: Clue-cracking Kayna – Our Tech guy Tris with his wife and pooch, resting at a clue near St Austell. They couldn’t have cracked that code without help from their brave tracker dog!

Dynamic duo Cassie and Tilly – Trail Mechanic and TT Towers Team member Kylie doesn’t have to be worried about enemy agents or booby traps with her two pooches sniffing out suspicious activity.

Rambling Rosie – Trail Writer Kathy’s dad’s pooch has been on a fair few Trail Writing adventures in her time!

Explorer Dog Milo – Trail Writer Ivan’s daughter and her rescue dog often go along with Ivan on his Trail Writing expeditions.

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