Valentine's Day Virtual Trail

The Case of the Stolen Heart

Calling all detectives! Grab your partner in crime and hunker down for a bit of super-sleuthing with our virtual detective mystery! You’ll be whisked away to romantically named streets across the UK to search for evidence and solve the clues.

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day then tucked up on the sofa with your loved ones, gathered around a phone, tablet or laptop, solving a Virtual Trail?!

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Valentine's Day Virtual Trail


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Ready for some real-life exploring?

Fill your Valentine’s Day with adventure! With Treasure Trails, you’ll be solving sneaky clues on all sorts of permanent features around your chosen location as you complete your quest, mission or investigation.

Treasure Trails are great for all ages (6-106), with plenty to keep adults entertained as well as family groups. So, gather your squad, choose your Trail and get out there exploring!