Hidden Treasure » Crossworld

  • Wish You Were Here? Bash Those Winter Blues

    In this puzzle we're going to whisk you away from turkey leftovers and the British winter, and take you on a globe-trotting holiday around the world!
  • Crossworld - 7 Down

    Our final destination on the magnificent Crossworld tour is Table Mountain, South Africa.
  • Crossworld - 4 Down

    Oh no - we're nearing the end of our global trip now - but before we land back in good old Blighty, here we have Mauritius.
  • Crossworld - 2 Down

    Next up on our global itinerary, the idyllic Seychelles.
  • Crossworld - 1 Down

    Close your eyes… can you feel the water lapping at your feet? If you can, it may well be a burst pipe unless you really are standing on a beach on St Lucia.
  • Crossworld - 9 Across

    It takes mere seconds via the medium of the internet to get to our next destination - Disneyland, Florida.
  • Crossworld - 8 Across

    Strewth! Anything to declare? Yep, Sydney, Australia is our next touch down.
  • Crossworld - 6 Across

    WHOOSH! We've just landed in Machu Picchu, Peru. Queuing at customs is so overrated...
  • Crossworld - 5 Across

    Welcome now to Sifnos, Greece. If only all cross-continental travel were this easy...
  • Crossworld - 3 Across

    Great - so now we have jetted instantly across to The Burj Kalifa, Dubai…
  • Crossworld - 1 Across

    The below image is a Google Street View scene of Phuket in Thailand.