Wish You Were Here? Bash Those Winter Blues

In this puzzle we're going to whisk you away from turkey leftovers and the British winter, and take you on a globe-trotting holiday around the world! On the way you'll need to complete a crossword with a secret location hidden within the answers. We're calling it a CrossWorld©.

Winter blues

Two things have provided the inspiration for the final puzzle of the year...

The first was seeing an advert for a sunshine getaway break on Christmas Day. The second was a roll of crossword toilet paper that someone sent to the office as a secret Santa gift!

Important note

You will probably need to use a computer or a laptop to solve this puzzle as it uses Google Streetview. By all means try it on a phone or tablet, but you may find the maps struggle to load.

How to solve the CrossWorld© puzzle

Each of the clues in the CrossWorld© puzzle contains a link to a Google Street View scene in a sunny location somewhere in the world. Go to the location and have a look around to find the answer to the question. The answer is close by, so you won’t have to move far - just look up, down and all around.

Find the answer and enter it in the crossword. When you have solved all the clues take the shaded letters and rearrange them to form a new secret location. This is your final answer.


CrossWorld Crossword

Download the crossword to print out

The clues

Click on the image below to load Google Streetview within the Treasure Trails website (loads on a separate web page). Please note that this may not work on some mobile and tablet devices.


1. (Phuket, Thailand) - What is two up from James Bond?

Crossworld - 1 Across

3. (The Burj Kalifa, Dubai) - Who is Dean’s partner in the café?

Crossworld - 3 Across

5. (Sifnos, Greece) -  At the top of the list is bread. What is at the bottom?  

Crossworld - 5 Across 

6. (Machu Picchu, Peru) - ‘Viva La’ what?   

Crossworld – 6 Across

8. (Sydney, Australia) - The ‘what’ is a history about love, loyalty and broken promises?  

Crossworld – 8 Across 

9. (Disneyland, Florida) - What royal can you find here? 

Crossworld – 9 Across


To solve the next clue, use the 360 degree view and zoom function only (i.e. don't click on one of the arrows to move forward).

1. (St Lucia) - What famous fictional creature can you find here?  

Crossworld – 1 Down

2. (The Seychelles) - Find the sail boats. Take the individual digits on one of the boats (they are the same) and add these together. Write your answer in words.  

Crossworld – 2 Down

4. (Mauritius) - Where should you book?

Crossworld – 4 Down

7. (Table Mountain, South Africa) - What gorge is below Castle Rock?

Crossworld – 7 Down