Hidden Treasure » 2023 September

  • Lincoln Trail Mail

    Welcome to your first Trail Mail challenge! To celebrate Lincolnshire Day on 1st October, we're heading to the county town of Lincoln to solve the first three clues. This is the first instalment of the 2023 Trail Mail Challenge. For information on the prizes, the leader board and past puzzles, visit the main page.
  • The 2023 Trail Mail Challenge

    Welcome to the 2023 Trail Mail Challenge, where you'll get to show off your clue-cracking skills and maybe even earn some prizes! Each fortnight, a new challenge is set, with three sneaky clues to solve. Do you have what it takes to become the 2023 Trail Mail champion?
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Arr ya ready to unleash your inner buccaneer? That's great, 'cause 19th September is Talk Like a Pirate Day - the perfect opportunity to learn the lingo. Here are some useful pirate phrases to use when you come up against some of the many modern day problems we all face in 2023!

  • Six Great British Pirates

    With tales of treasure-seeking, desert islands and adventure, it's no surprise that pirate stories - both fictional and historical - continue to capture our imaginations. These six Great British Pirates are surrounded by twisting tales of treasure and terror on the high seas.
  • Six Great British Explorers

    We love exploring and turning an ordinary day out into a full-blown adventure. But, these six Great British Explorers went the extra mile, venturing from the UK's shores to discover hidden gems and twisting tales from across the world. While these may not be the greatest explorers - and some have a few controversies that have followed them through the centuries - each was or is great in their own way!
  • Top 10 treasure hunts

    Treasure hunt Trails are the perfect challenge for budding explorers. You'll bravely venture out on your journey, dodging booby traps and evading rival treasure seekers as you advance. Not sure which quest to accept first? Check out our top 10 for exploration inspiration.