Newquay Trail Mail Challenge

Have a look at the information plaque below and then see if you can answer the three sneaky questions we have set for you!

This sign can be found along the route of our brand new Trail around Newquay - called Spooky Newquay!

Brains at the ready, your sneaky Trail Mail questions are:

1. Easy Peasy...


Our easy Clue to get you warmed up is as follows:

Find an animal and an insect, then add together the number of legs they have (assuming they have the normal amount).


2. Mind Twister

Getting tougher... a little hint for you:

TOLCARNE CROSS has to be written in capital letters for this one!!

Our medium level Clue is:

If TOLCARNE CROSS is line one, with which line can you celebrate a birthday, have a rest and hear a dog? Take this number away from the earliest date you can see here. What’s your total?


3. Brain Buster...

It's getting hot in here!

Our difficult level Clue is...

If 3=5, 7=6, and 11=7, what does 1 =?


Now Submit Your Trail Mail Answers!

Submit your answers to all three of these Clues (or as many as you could solve!) to be in with the chance to WIN your next Treasure Trails adventure!