Trail Mail: Solved, or Epic Fail?!

We hope that you loved solving our cheeky Trail Mail Clues! Every four weeks we will send you a new Trail Mail challenge to solve.

Trail Mail

Solved the Clues or just want to know the answers?!

Submit your answers to all of the Clues we set you (or as many as you could solve!).

We will let you know if you are correct or not, and will also draw six lucky winners to win a Treasure Trail of their choice as follows:

  • One winner who correctly answered the 'Easy Peasy' question to win a Treasure Trail
  • Two winners who correctly answered the 'Mind Twister' question to win a Treasure Trail
  • Three winners who correctly answered the 'Brain Buster' questions to win a Treasure Trail

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Closing dates are as follows:

For the Trail Mail Challenge set on the image found along the Box Hill Treasure Trail, the closing date and time for entries is at 08:30 on Monday 20th April 2020 - you can still submit your answer after this time to see if you are correct or not, but you will not be entered into the prize draw.

Additional information:

If you are one of our winners, you don't have to claim your prize straight away. The voucher code does not have an expiry date, so you can choose your Trail and get out on an adventure at a later date, once the current lockdown has lifted.