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Our top 12 Scottish Trails

With historic cities, lots of lochs and mountains, and stunning wide open spaces to explore, a trip to Scotland really is a treat. But with so much to see and so many fascinating stories to discover, how can you decide where to start?!

We've combed through our 130+ Scottish Trails and picked out our top 12 places to explore. Take a peek at the list below for inspiration for your next adventure:

1. Old Aberdeen

Triple Kirks and Edward VII's statue in Aberdeen

Investigate the historic heart of Aberdeen (Aiberdeen/Obar Dheathain) on this detective mystery Trail. Examine evidence in the Granite City as you patrol past landmarks, including a pretty park, a medieval cathedral and a 15th-century college. But make sure you keep your eyes peeled...

Professor Acky Deemier has just been found slumped over a pile of unmarked dissertations at Aberdeen University. Foul play is suspected after it was revealed two of the dissertations were identical! Could the copycat be the culprit? All the professor's students are under suspicion, and it's up to you to reveal 'whodunnit'.

2. Tobermory

The colourful waterfront in Tobermory

Set off on a colourful treasure hunt Trail around Tobermory (Tobar Mhoire), where the long-lost loot of privateer Iain Angus MacLean has been waiting for 200 years to be unearthed. Fisherman Dipsy Trawler has hooked a map believed to point to the booty, but intrepid explorers are needed to track it down.

Wander through the pretty backstreets and along the seafront on this adventure around the Isle of Mull (Muile) capital, famous for its whisky and for being the filming location of the CBeebies show Balamory. Remember to stay alert as you dodge booby traps beside the clock tower and evade rival treasure seekers along the pier - we're counting on you!

3. Alloway

Robert 'Rabbie' Burns' birthplace in Alloway

This detective mystery Trail takes you through the heart of Alloway (Allmhaigh), the birthplace of the renowned national poet Robert 'Rabbie' Burns. Begin your inquiries outside the Burns Cottage, now a museum, where he spent his early years, before following up on witness reports around the Auld Kirk and Brig O'Doon.

The brig is the scene of this crime, where the plumber brothers Leekie and Dwayne Pipe have just been found. Due to a drain on resources, the local police are having trouble tapping into their records - water palaver! It's up to you to pool your sleuthing skills and figure out which disgruntled client sunk the brothers. Good luck!

4. Kirkcudbright

Kirkcudbright and the River Dee estuary

Slip into your best disguise to sneak around Kirkcudbright (Kirkcoubrie/Cille Chùithbeirt) on this super secret spy mission Trail. Controversial local artist Minnie Van Gogh has lost the plot and is threatening to launch a hot air balloon with a basket full of pink paint that will cover the town when it bursts!

It's vital that you track down the clues to deactivate her device before it's too late. Tiptoe along the historic streets past the Town Hall, Stewartry Museum and Arts Centre, sticking to the shadows to avoid detection and deciphering clues to deduce the final four-digit code as you go.

5. Dundee City

The Tay Bridge to Dundee

Bravely venture on a quest through the medieval city of Dundee (Dùn Dè) on this treasure hunt Trail. You'll be travelling within the city walls, searching for sneaky clues in Albert Square, City Square and Steeple Church, revealing fascinating facts and hidden gems as you advance.

Roger 'Dodgy' Dodger was amazed to find an old tatty treasure map in the attic. It appeared to show several possible locations for a hoard of Russian and Spanish gold doubloons brought to Dundee in secret on the RRS Discovery. He needs help from top treasure seekers to track down the golden stash.

6. Edinburgh Royal Mile

St Giles' Street and cathedral on the Royal Mile

Trouble is brewing in Edinburgh (Dùn Èideann)on the Royal Mile detective mystery Trail. Explore some of the city's most famous landmarks as you patrol down the ancient cobbled streets towards the towering castle, picking up pieces of evidence and eliminating suspects along the way.

Festival-goers have been left in shock at the discovery of brewing entrepreneur Maltby Hopper during the Fringe commotion. With his last reported words being, "Ale always love you", could be a crime of passion or is a jealous rival responsible for this despicable act? It's down to you to reveal the identity of the crafty criminal.

7. Dunfermline - Robert the Bruce

Dunfermline Abbey and churchyard

Scout around for lost loot in Dunfermline (Dunfaurlin/Dùn Phàrlain), Scotland's ancient capital, on this treasure hunt Trail. Celebrate Scotland's most famous king, Robert the Bruce, as you venture around the historic abbey churchyard and pretty Pittencrieff Park, where vital clues await you.

Long ago - in 1100, to be precise - groups of Scots lead by William Wallace and Robert the Bruce laid siege to English-occupied castles across Scotland. Fearing for the future, servants buried their master's gold so it wouldn't be looted. One such hoard may be in Dunfermline, according to a recently discovered map. Can you locate it?

8. Glasgow West End - University Quarter

Glasgow University

There's a potty plot that needs thwarting on this spy mission Trail. Can you gather the clues scattered around the University Quarter of Glasgow (Glesca/Glaschu) to deactivate the device? You'll need to covertly venture around the hilly streets of the west end and tiptoe past the famous university buildings, standing in the shadow of one of Glasgow's most iconic landmarks to decipher the intel.

You'll need to be very careful not to be spotted around here, as an impatient university teacher is seeking revenge on the faculty. He's planted a device to release a potion that threatens to make his adversaries lose their memories (and wipe out the incredible knowledge at Glasgow University). As our best super spy, we need YOU to deactivate the device and stop him before it's too late!

9. Perth

The city of Perth from the water

Wander beside the water on a treasure hunt Trail around the riverside city of Perth (Peairt). Your expedition will take you around the town centre, from the medieval area to the Georgian houses and around the North Inch recreation space as you hunt down the hidden hard of royal jewels.

Quick-thinking lady's maid, Iva Goodmind, gathered and hid her mistress' jewels when the royal castle at North Port was destroyed in a flood. She stashed a map in a dry spot and planned to retrieve the trove when the danger passed, but sadly she was last to the waves. Can you follow the map to track down the treasure?

10. Peebles

The River Tweed and Peebles

There's something fishy going on in Peebles (Na Pùballan) - can you thwart Dr D'Astardly's potty plot on the spy mission Trail? He's planted a device that will form a dam, trapping the River Tweed's salmon and turning Peebles into an illegal fish farm, all to fund his future schemes!

We can't let that happen, so it's up to you to deactivate the device. You'll have to creep around the pretty riverside town, avoiding enemy surveillance drones as you hunt for the vital intel. As you go, you'll explore Venlaw Woodland and the St Andrews graveyard and unlock twisting tales of the town's past residents.

11. Dunblane

Dunblane High Street and Andy Murray's golden post box

Unearth the hidden hoard of gems on this treasure hunt Trail around Dunblane (Dùn Bhlàthain), where you'll pass the historic cathedral, the Leighton Library (one of the oldest in Scotland) and Andy Murray's golden post box on the High Street. There are plenty of hidden gems to discover in this Victorian spa resort, and even some to unearth...

Twins Mandy and Naomi were told a tale by their grandmother of the missing jewellery of a Victorian heiress who once stayed at the spa. The girls found a mysterious map in the attic they thought would show them the way, but after spending their whole holiday trying to find it, they left empty-handed. Can you use your clue-cracking skills to retrieve the jewels for the sisters?

12. Inverness

Old buildings in Inverness from the water

Put your super sleuthing skills to good use in Inverness (Inerness/Inbhir Nis) on this detective mystery Treasure Trail. There are plenty of interesting buildings to examine in this compact and picturesque city centre. Conduct your inquiries near the castle and along the riverside before returning to the shopping streets.

Tragedy has occurred in Inverness - theatre reviewer, Beth MacLady, has met her end in suspicious circumstances. Her last job was reviewing an incredibly bad performance of Macbeth, put on by the Inverness Melodramatic Players (IMPs) and directed by Duncan King. Could an angry cast member be responsible for such a foul deed? It's up to you to draw this case to a close.

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